The Class of 2015 8th Grade Celebration

 ... I will never be shaken.

It rained just as we were preparing to leave. The clouds rolled away for a moment just at 4 o'clock so we could get a picture outside. I drove our oldest to school to drop him off for his portion of the night:
Group Picture
Catered Dinner
(The Outback Steakhouse; Yum!)
 Our oldest reported to me after we arrived home last night that the food was good although his steak was a tiny bit over seasoned. A mom who volunteered in the kitchen who I saw at the celebration said most all of the girls plates were about 1/2 eaten. (or less) The decorations were beautiful. All done by the parents...
 Later, all of the parents were welcomed into the cafetorium at 7 o'clock for the Processional of students with the certificate presentation.
 Our oldest led the way into the room beaming...
The principal and the assistant principal spoke to the class and then presented their certificates followed by the teachers each giving a recap of "I will never forget" memories they have from the students middle school years.

The class verse:
"I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him. 
He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken."


Hershey's Moma

Oh and Just-so-you-know...
I wore all black not because I was in mourning but because I decided that would be best as I found out for an hour and a half at the after party it would be my husband and I in charge of making snow cones for all of the students. Then for the last hour and a half we had parking lot duty... in the pouring down rain. We had a huge umbrella that we shared with 2 other volunteers...


  1. Wow...what an event! I love, love the class verse. Your oldest looks so he should be. Congrats!

  2. How wonderful that he was blessed to attend a Christian school! ;) he looks handsome in his white suit! (brave soul wearing a white suit!!) I would wear black even without those duties... I love black... maybe with a splash of color! he he! My oldest is about to enter Middle School... she is the class of 2018... it blows my mind!! aaaaaaaaaaaaah!! ;)

  3. ps you were beautiful in the black... ;)



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