It's time to light the candles again!
My husband is 40 today-

If all goes well, I'm taking him to dinner, just the two of us, tonight.
[our oldest is still sick, the 2 middle ones have soccer practice and who knows-
 he might have to work late!]

None the less, he is 40.
I remember when he turned 30 and I being only 26 then thought he was really old.
40 isn't to bad. Is it sweetie?
{because I've found as you get that much closer to 40 is really is just a number, right?}


Hershey's Moma
P.S. Last summer as we went to my husbands best friends 40th surprise party and I had to promise a million times over that I would not throw a surprise party for my husbands 40th.
[a million times, I'm not kidding!]
 I'm not throwing a surprise party!
I know he wouldn't mind well wishes though; even surprise ones. 

For my husbands 40th and all-
[come on Istanbul, I'm counting on you!]



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