3 Things

first... this

second... images that are full of meaning for me
(times I choose to look beyond the imperfections)

third... a memory

Last night I was doing dishes in the kitchen as the 2 littlest ones were settling into bed. As the nursery is close enough to the kitchen for me to be able to hear whatever is going on in there I was able to over hear our daughter 'reading' bed time stories to our littlest. She was helping him along in the 'reading' process and would at times proclaim, "marvelous!" Just listening to her brought back a memory I had almost forgotten. When our littlest was a newborn our daughter had just turned 2. (3 days after we had him) We were having a hard time adjusting to a new bed time routine that now included an infant that I would rock and nurse to sleep. I would have our daughter pick out her books and wait for me in her room reading to herself while I finished putting the baby to sleep. She grew weary very quickly and would usually burst into the room just as the baby was drifting off to sleep. He would wake, cry and I would start the process over again. Each time she came into the room it would just prolong his going to sleep. I tried different approaches for awhile until I found one that worked. Having our middle son (who was 5 at the time) read her the bed time stories. In the end this is what got us through that time much easier. I remember listening to his sweet voice and how he would almost at times lull her to sleep reading.

Have a happy day even if it isn't your perfect...


Hershey's Moma


  1. looking past the 'imperfections' of life is something i can totally relate to. having 4 kiddos has made me more balanced in that way, not being able to try to 'produce' it anymore. thanks for this beautiful post--those bowling socks rock and i LOVE the bedtime reading stories. way.too.sweet!

  2. Awww, your images have so much depth to them! I love that quote too, as a new mom, I jsut can't keep things clean like used to, and I just need to be OK with that!


  3. I can't even tell you how I needed to read this today. My day started off badly and God really spoke to me through your post. The reading memory makes me smile...I just love that.



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