We Had a Good Day-

Yesterday, Mother's Day, was great. We all had fun. Thank you to Papaw for cooking. It was delicious!
Thank you to the guys for doing clean up duty- what a treat!

Our oldest lost his very last baby tooth today. He pulled it this afternoon as we were in the kitchen together.  I had a dollar on the kitchen counter I told him to get it. He did.

 While I was out with the 3 little ones this afternoon we stopped in at Chik-fil-A for lunch. As I ordered and started to walk away from the counter with lunch and the 3 little ones, a very nice customer came to my side to help me to my table. He was so nice to stop what he was doing, notice me, and help. He was in the middle of what looked like a business lunch. I'm sure he didn't know me. We had never met before although, I recognized him. He is our Worship Leader at church. I didn't share that I went to church with him. I just smiled, offered a big thank you so much and allowed him to get back to his business lunch.

 I shared most of my lunch with these 2 boys. Our daughter was playing in the play place for most of our stay because a little baby was playing in there. She loves babies and is very nurturing towards them.

As we were eating, I witnessed another kind customer. This was a different man who came to the aid of a dad with his 3 little ones. This customer also very kindly helped the dad to his table. As the dad was telling his children to "tell the kind stranger thank you" it tickled me. I wanted to stand up and say, "everyone take notice, this is heavenly!"

 From there we moved on to the grocery store. I needed groceries but I was contemplating going home because the only store I was near is my least favorite grocery for various reasons. I decided this was the best time to stop so in I went. I was very pleased as I went to the meat section to see my brand of ground turkey was marked down from $2.99 a pound to .99 cents a pound. Wow!! I bought 3 and may go back tomorrow for 3 more.

Then once I got home and started to unload the groceries I found in the back of my car one of my favorite Bible's that had been missing for about a week. It is my one Bible that I write in the margins. As I was looking through it I found new writing in the margins that I didn't do.


Thankfully the writing is only on the margins.

She just wanted to be like her Moma.

He had a ball game tonight. He did great! He hit the ball every time he was up to bat. He has a strong swing, fast legs, and is very accurate with his throwing.

We had a good day.
What about you?


Hershey's Moma

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day and so glad you had a wonderful time celebrating Mother's Day with your family. Love the stories you told of help you received and watched others receive!!! Hope today is another great one!! We all are just recovered from the stomach flu and so the last couple of days have been filled with thankfulness for returned health and that we are typically healthy. Say hello to your family from ours. :)



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