Last night after I had tucked the kids in and I was sitting in the great room reading, 
I heard one of the kids footsteps on the stairs. 
I thought it was our middle son and I said, 
"Doodle-Do??" Our oldest replied, "no, it's not Doodle-Do."
 And it wasn't...

Each one of our kids are named after a grandma or grandpa.

Snuggle Buggle! is his nickname. He is named after his paternal Great Grandfather.
He has his Daddy's first name as his middle name!

Doodle Do- is his nickname.
His given name is my maiden name.
He and Daddy share a middle name!

Missy Pie! is her nickname. Her given name is after her paternal Great Great Grandmother
her maternal Great Grandmother,
[2 names; I was just sure she would be my only girl!] 
with her middle name coming from her maternal Grandmother's ( Nana's) middle name.

His friends call him by his last name.
When he was little we called him Bubby
When our middle son was born 5 years later we started to call  him Bubby for a time. 
One day this upset our oldest and he said with indignation, "Bubby is my name!"
Papaw has always called you Sman-drew!
But I think deep down I've had a harder time calling him anything other than his given name.
He is named after his paternal Great Grandfather.
When he was born that Grandfather said, "everyone will want to shorten your name." 
He went on to say while he waggled his finger, "but don't let them!"


Hershey's Moma

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