I Want-

She had many four year old "I want" statements today.

The statements started this morning as soon as she woke. She came to our bed for snuggle time.

"I want pancakes," she said.
Later, as I was helping her into her tights for church, she had a want for a different pair.

Many more "I wants" came throughout the morning.
I began to think- what does God want.
I even asked her a couple of times,
"What does God want?"

And I prayed-

May a deep love and fear for you color everything she does and all the choices she will make.

"I wanted to paint my nails for church!" she stated with a pout.

I asked again, "What does God want?"

No answer.

"It is more important to leave now and be on time," I said.  "Let's paint your nails later."
Oh, that she would know that the things of God are a top priority.
Once we got to church she said, "I want cheerios from the wiggle room."
So cheerios she ate.

Many more "I wants" came throughout the rest of the day.

This reminded me to keep praying for her "wants."

So tonight I prayed for her-
That her wants would be God's wants. That she would learn to understand who God is.

That He is a God who wants her to have an increasing hunger for Him and that she will have no want as she fears Him. 

I want her to find her fulfillment in Him, to seek after Him and His Word.

She came to me excited, holding open her picture Bible as I was getting dinner ready. "Moma, I found the story!" "Look, Moma!" "It's the story I heard in Bible Study this week!"

And it was.

May she "want" more-


Hershey's Moma


"I want more milk, please , Moma."



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