I am grateful for the warmer spring days that we can enjoy outside even though sometimes a child might complain that it is too hot outside!

I am grateful for the boat coming out of storage last night and for daddy having the time to pick it up before they closed for the day even if this little guy refused to come in for dinner and said, "no, I'm staying right here!"

I'm grateful for all the spring rain we have gotten even if it means this pasta(hasta) is going to need divided about 5 times come next spring! 

I'm grateful that he finds great enjoyment in washing his bike even if he did use the bottle of shampoo from my shower. (it wasn't the 99 cent Suave bottle either)

I am grateful that my baby is big enough this spring to explore and play without me right by his side at all times although I am missing the baby days terribly. (we were on an airplane going to Georgetown and I was just getting ready to nurse him)

I am grateful that the cable guys are here right now burring the cable line that has been exposed for 4 years.

I am grateful that she loves to do her own experiments even if she does make messes.

I am grateful his 6th grade science teacher stood at the top of this rock wall and took his picture after I told the teacher I knew he would make it to the top because I saw the look of determination in his eyes.

I am grateful I see that same determination in his eyes as he is determined to finish this school year strong.

Even if it means he has to stay up a little too late to finish his homework.

I am grateful for the family of deer that were running laps one morning last week right behind our house even if I was only able to stay outside and watch them for just a few minutes because we had to leave the house.

I'm grateful that summer is just right around the corner-

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.-Celia Thaxter


Hershey's Moma

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  1. Thanks for all of the reminders to be grateful!!! It was a great way to start out my day. The pictures made me smile and, once again, loved getting a little peek into your days. Hope you have a good one. :)



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