First Thing This Morning-

Hershey got a bath before any of the children were up.

She was awake first waking at the tail end of Hershey's bath. 
She went straight to painting.

He was up next and was very excited to see the paints. 
He now loves to paint. We use the wipes to clean up as we go. 
He is into counting stacks of anything right now.  
He took a huge stack out of wipes and was trying to count them all!

He is my sleepy head.(especially during allergy season) He almost always is the last one up around 8:30ish. He was worn out from his baseball game last night so he snuggled on the couch watching PBS. Then at 9 his coach called. He was invited to try out for the All Star Team!!! He really wants to make the team. He will try out this Saturday afternoon. He has asked me to stop by the store this afternoon to get a "donut" ring for his bat. He wants to work on his swing with it from now until Saturday.
 He also needs to work on his fielding a bit.
With my husband usually home for lunch on Tuesday, I started chopping veggies first thing 
this morning just after the kitchen was cleaned up from breakfast.

I had a helper who stirred the veggies in butter and added the seasonings. She did an excellent job!

At first, I thought maybe there was a little too much spinach thrown in. 
It was just enough in the end. It cooked down quite a bit.

We all liked it a lot except for this little guy. He resorted to eating the butter off of his rolls!

Hershey's Moma's Minestrone Soup
2 stalks celery, diced
1/2 lb. carrots, diced
1 small yellow onion, diced
3 Tbsp. butter (the real stuff)
basil and natures seasons enough to cover veggies
3 cloves garlic pressed
1 14.5oz. can petite diced tomatoes with garlic and olive oil
2 child sized handfuls of fresh baby spinach leaves
32oz. beef stock (I like Kitchen Basics)
1 lb. ground turkey, cooked

Chop celery, carrots, and onion. Cook in melted butter over MH heat for about 10 minutes for slightly firm veggies. While cooking sprinkle with basil and Natures Seasons to cover. Add garlic and can of tomatoes. Let simmer for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, brown ground turkey in medium pot over H heat. Add broth and simmer.
Add spinach handfuls to veggies. Cook until slightly wilted. Add veggies to pot of broth and meat. Stir and serve with shredded parmesan cheese.

Serve with buttered rolls especially if eating with picky children:)


Hershey's Moma

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