A Weekend of Firsts!

Our middle son was able to practice his dance routine for the first time on the performance stage as he has been taking a Hip-Hop class. He will have the big recital this week!! He was very excited to be able to practice before the big show!!  They are dancing to the song "Just Got Paid." He wants me to look it up online for him so he can practice his moves this week!  

He has some great moves... He really likes to do them just right.  I think the best one is the move where he spins around on the ground but I think he likes the spin/jump move at the very end the best.

Our oldest and my husband went on a father/son outing to Houlihan's Restaurant.  This was their first time to eat there alone together. They really enjoy each others company. Their minds think a lot alike. They both like to talk too! They talked baseball, NFL draft... Some of the conversations they like to have we consider PG 13. So they have to save it for occasions such as this when
 the little ones aren't around to hear.

I took all the children to see How to Train Your Dragon. It was our first time to see the movie and I liked it so much I would go again! It was most appropriate for our 8 year old.  However, they all enjoyed it. I thought it was one of the best kid movies I have seen in a long time. It dealt with issues like lying, trust, saying your sorry, and being forgiven. 

Little miss had her first soccer game. She played in the rain so I didn't get any pictures. 
These were taken at practice 2 nights before the game.

She was so excited to have her first game we were the first ones to arrive. We arrived about 20 minutes before anyone else did. She started to think she wasn't going to play after all. Just before the game started she ran over to me from off of the field and gave me a big hug telling me that she was nervous! Once the game started the nerves quickly ended. She was competitive and a great cheerleader. You could hear her on the sidelines cheering her team mates on as she was playing on the field with them.

By the end of the game her shoes were soaked and she asked me why the 2 boys from the other team didn't play on her team.(the 2 boys that were really good!)

Just after her game I took the 3 youngest kids to the Community Center so I could run inside on the track. I had a big first when I broke 7 minutes on my first mile and actually ran it in 6 minutes 58 seconds!! I ended up finishing my 3 mile run in 22 minutes 48 seconds.  (I've been pretty consistent running 7 min. 40 sec. each mile.) So, now I have a new goal to try to run the 3 miles in 21 minutes flat.  I am a little competitive, just like our daughter, and hope to at least finish in the top 3 for my age group in the 5k for our little town on June 12th. 
If I do, that will be a first since my days of running in High School!


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