So Far Today-

Our oldest and I saw a gorgeous sunrise at 6:38 this morning. The sun was just starting to peek out above the trees behind our house as we were gathering everything to head out the door for school.
I was home by 7:20 and then it was time for drop off #2. This week our middle son is going to school for Academic Testing week. This is so fun for him. He loves the class (6 boys), and he says the teacher is very kind. He wondered yesterday if he could stay for the whole day of school today, not just for the testing portion of the morning. This has given us a new avenue to pray for him for school next year. If we decided to send him there he would be going to a different private Christian school then his older brother does.
"I know the plans I have for you says the Lord" and "teach me your ways Oh Lord, show me your paths" have each been running through my mind. Then just after I was thinking through our decision for him regarding school for next year I received a text from my husband that read:
"I sought the Lord and he answered me, He delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant, their faces are never covered with shame." Psalm 34:4-5

I texted back, "Amen!"
We drove on to Target. I was desperate to get our littlest some new froggy boots. He loved holes in the ones he was currently wearing. We were so happy to find one pair left in his size!! We also found a new pink dress for our daughter on clearance.

She changed into the dress in the car. She loves it. It is so simple, I love it too and I told her I did. She then responded, "I won't be this little for long!"
We drove back to the school to pick up our middle son because his testing was close to being over. As we waited the helicopters were falling on our car from the Maple tree.
I opened the sunroof and let her catch some.
We drove home for lunch and as we were just finishing lunch. . .

he said, "now it's time to get to work!"
He grabbed the broom and started to sweep the floor as best he could. He made a little pile and then he picked up each little piece with his fingers and placed the pile on the dust pan. He finished his job by dumping it all in the trash can, laying the dust pan on the counter, and leaving the broom on the floor.

After lunch, he decided to "get to work" on his dance moves. I found the song he is dancing to in his recital this week a couple of days ago on the Internet and emailed it to him.

He is going to do so well!

Okay, I need to "get to work" myself before I leave to pick up our oldest from school. I already have the lasagna pulled together for dinner, the house needs tidied and oh dear, the laundry!


Hershey's Moma

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