We are or We Were-

We were having a conversation in the car the other morning about an appropriate Easter outfit. We made a decision on one and were talking through which button down shirt to wear with it. A decision was made and I said, "okay, I will have it ironed by then." He answered in shock and disbelief, "you don't iron my shirts for school do you?!" I didn't answer him.

Riding in the car with a sleepy 2 year old holding a piece of chocolate on an 84 degree day just doesn't make good mom sense!

We went to go visit some brand new baby goat, chickens, and lambs today. As he was petting the goats for a long time he looked up at me after a while and said, "do you want to pet him moma- you just have to be real gentle."

She is so proud to be riding her bike without training wheels. She had a little fall yesterday and she said,"I wish I had some tummy knee pads!" 
He has moved up a bike size and is now riding his brothers hand me down bike. He loves it and feels very big.

Yesterday we were driving in the car when he wanted to throw something out of the window. Our family rule is if the birds can eat it (or biodegratable) then you can throw it out the window. So just as he was throwing out a little something he stated, "it is biodecomposable!!"


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