This and That

Last night, Hershey found a rock that our 8 year old brought home. Hershey was pouncing on it and having great fun!

He asked me to tuck him in for bed early last night because he wanted to get more reading time in before lights out!

She said to me, "Moma, I have a job for you." "It's not a big job like cleaning up the kitchen." I asked, "what is it?" She replied, "peel my banana!"

These boys know team work!
Daddy has a new look. He found these shirts this week at Dick's and I think he bought every color they make!

Our oldest son and our middle son are sharing bedrooms again until the beds are finished. Hopefully, they will be done by next weekend. We are needing one more part for the oldest ones bed, and we are waiting for a sunny day to paint the bunk bed for the middle son.

He said to me recently, "Moma, my tummy is hungry." I said, "then I need to feed you." He said with indignation, "no, you don't need to feed me, I feed myself!"


Hershey's Moma

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