What's New Around Here 2

Our middle son has been playing cards a lot lately. He loves to play war, and go fish. He always has a game set up and ready to go when ever we can get one in throughout the day.

Our oldest has been working on a lot of big projects this 9 weeks. He has been staying up late(10 pm) most school nights. He is worn out and so am I.

He commented in the car on the way to the bus stop this morning how he loves that the sun is starting to come up earlier and how it is staying up a little later in the evening. He recalled how he loves the summer and how late the sun stays up. He said he especially loves how we will all play soccer together in the yard late into the evening.

I offered to buy him a new fish last night as we were at the store. He said he didn't want one.

Hershey Kisses!

This was my swim top from swimming lessons last night. I might just start a new trend with this one! When I got to Mommy and Me swim lessons with the 2 little ones I realized in the locker room I only had swim bottoms. I had asked our daughter to pack my swim suit. When I asked her where my top was she replied, "it must have fallen out of the bag." I said, "I can't do swim lessons without it." She said, "it's okay moma, lots of people just swim in there bottoms and without a top."
I thankfully had on this top with a sweater over it. So I improvised and got through swim lessons with a top on!!

I am starting to limit there tv time to 30 minutes a day and saving movies for the weekend. I think we have gotten a little out of control with all the shows they watch at our house, Nana's and in the car.

She watched 30 min. of Curious George yesterday, and he watched Jeopardy(I thought that one was on for an hour?!)


Hershey's Moma

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