We Made Spring Time Friends Today!

While we were sitting out on our deck this afternoon having a snack we decided to share it.

We packed some baggies of Fruit Loops and started towards the water.

I wasn't sure how they would respond because I think they were busy building a nest.

They took a break, swam over to us, and liked the Fruit Loops!

He was impressed that they would take turns and "share."

The ducks liked us and got very close to the shoreline.

They ate until our baggies were empty.

And then they flew away. They are living just 25 feet on the peninsula right behind our house.

I'm watching for babies. I hope by Easter we will have little ones swimming over to get snacks from us!!

Then. . .

They came back to our back door for a bed time snack!

 This time we fed them peanut butter sandwiches.

They waddled back to the water and the kids continued to feed them little bits of bread.

We really -

like our-
new spring time friends!


Hershey's Moma

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