Some Thoughts on this Past Week

Thankfully he is done with all of his big projects for school and could really get out and enjoy the weather this week. He was also able to go to Youth Group on Wed. night. He wasn't able to do that for about 6 weeks with all the homework he had. I'm really glad to see him doing more than homework in the evening and he was able to spend the night with a friend after school last night.
The only thing he has to be well rested for is academic testing this coming week.

We decided to take an early "Spring Break" week. He didn't do any school work and played outside a lot. With the exception to this week we have been following his older brothers schedule for school. Next week is academic testing. He was scheduled to go to school and take it with the 2nd grade students. The school decided not to test the 2nd graders this year. So he will make up this past weeks work this coming week. I found another school in our area that he will sit for the test at the end of April. Only 9 weeks left until summer break!! We are excited to be on the homestretch.

My cooking helper on his makeshift stool - the bucket turned upside down!
We are making cheese omelets and he wants a turn flipping them. Oh my.
As I was putting his pants on this morning he proclaimed, "what, I'm wearing (my sisters) pants today!" No, those are boy pants and I think they are just the perfect color for spring!

Last weekend we had vandals. They got about 8 mailboxes in our area.

He took Hershey on a walk around the yard.
We had a big stray dog in the yard this week who was not wanting to leave us alone. We tried even going inside and he would stay on our front porch like he lived with us! I decided to put him on a leash and try walking him down the road to see if anyone was out looking for him - he had a collar on but no tags. In the process of walking him with my 3 kids, a neighborhood dog came running at us and started to fight with the stray dog. It was scary for the kids to see. We tried to walk away but the stray really thought it belonged with us and would come towards us each time I tried to get us all away. The dogs were fighting just inches from us. So I called the police. Just before the police arrived the owner of the dog who lives in our neighborhood came and got his dog. We started toward home with the stray tagging along. The police stopped and tried to get the stray into his car. That was unsuccessful and I continued on towards home with the kids. The police followed behind in his car. Once we arrived home the dog once again came on our porch. The police officer drove up our drive and we tried to get him in the car again. I ended up putting a treat in the back seat of the car and shoved him from behind into the car.

She was excited to find a heart shaped strawberry and asked me to get a picture of it.

The 2 little ones made a tribute to Mr. Fish. These are hanging on our fridge right now.

He has been reading the Narnia series since he received all the books for Christmas. This week he lost the one he has been reading. I found it yesterday under the ottoman to the couch in the basement!
Hershey's Moma

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  1. Loved getting to be part of your week through these pictures!! Have a great weekend. :)



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