These 3 Boys Encourage One Another-

Our oldest taught his cousin how to ride his bike last weekend without training wheels. Then just yesterday our middle son called his cousin to encourage him after he heard he had fallen off of his bike. This is what I heard-

My middle son started the conversation in his sweetest voice saying, "Did you fall off your bike this morning?" Then he kindly said, "that's perfectly normal, I did that when I was your age." Then just to make sure he covered everything he added, "did you get hurt?" Followed by, "that's normal." He finished up the phone call with "good job, good job, good job," and "you're welcome."

I was very proud and when he hung up the phone I said, "that was very encouraging to your cousin!" He replied, "it was to me too!"

Sweet Boys. I pray they will always be an encouragement to one another.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Thank you! You are such an encouragement to us! Thank you for helping us through yesterday!
    XOXO to all!

  2. What a tender heart!! What a blessing an encourager is to others.



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