Swimming Lessons Session One

Last night was the last night for Session One Swimming lessons.
These were her first round of formal swimming lessons without Moma. She was in the Preschool Aquatics Class Level 2. She really progressed well.

She loved her teacher. Miss Marlene played fun games! The fox game was her favorite. They sang a song and would pretend they were the bunnies hopping away from the fox.(Miss Marlene)

Miss Marlene was a great helper and encourager. She taught her how to do the front glide for 2 body lengths and she can recover from a front glide to a vertical position in chest deep water!

Proud of your hard work!

Moma would watch you swim as your little brother loved spending your swim class time in the nursery- he would say he was going to his P.E. class!

Practicing your kicks.

I think this was my favorite to see. She could really balance well and get the true feeling of just the right position her body should be in as she was swimming.

Back float for 5 seconds!! Great skill!

Practicing her "monster" arms.

She loves to make a splash!

Her favorite thing that she learned how to do at swim lessons she says was to jump in and go under the water.

At the end of class they would play a game and spend some time going down the slides.

She was promoted to level 3! Good job sweetie- I think you are a spectacular swimming girl!

The photographer for this post. I've thanked him a hundred times for coming to swimming lessons and getting all the pictures. I didn't take one picture. He did a super job.
Hershey's Moma

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