Our Neighborhood Playground

We play their at least once a day when the weather is nice. The kids will usually ride their bikes

or scooters there. I usually bring Hershey along.(on a leash)

It is just a few houses down from our house.

It is right across the street from Nana and Papaw's house.

Nana and Papaw's house is there in the background.

Sometimes the kids will play and then run into Nana and Papaw's for a bit, and then run back

over to play some more.

That makes the playground even more fun!

We don't even feel like we need one in our own backyard.

This feels like our backyard -until yesterday afternoon.

The neighbors dog decided to come and be an unwelcome guest-

Our smiles quickly faded and we all ran for Nana and Papaw's house as the dog followed scaring
me to tears.

He was also in tears because he bumped his head as he ran into the teeter-totter trying to get
away from the dog.
After the dog caused a lot of ruckus on Nana's front porch, the dog was finally contained by the
boys who own the dog.
Among other things, I told the boys their dog is too big to be running the neighborhood - it could
really hurt my kids or my little dog.
They said they were sorry - many times.
It is time to forgive them and make plans to go to the playground again. I'm just planning to
leave Hershey home.
Hershey's Moma

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