Now and Then

Hershey loved to be held when we first brought him home. We would rock him to sleep for each nap time and at night. Nana thought we were spoiling him! Maybe when we would rock him in the middle of the night we were. He is sleeping all through the night now without even being rocked!
Now he doesn't like to be held quite as much. He tolerates it however, he would like to be exploring everything now. His longest stretch during the day for being held is on the car ride to the bus stop. It is about a 35 minute round trip.

Now and then, chewing has always been his thing.

This was his first time out of our arms when we first brought him in the house to meet the children. He was such a baby. I wasn't sure if he was going to get nervous and have an accident on the carpet so I put a diaper on him before I brought him in the house.

Now, Hershey goes on long walks with us and is such a strong puppy. He has long legs and his coat is not as smooth. He never wears a diaper anymore!
Hershey's Moma

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