Happy 13th Birthday!!

He fell asleep a couple of hours before his party. I think last night was finally catching up to him.
When we started the party he decided he didn't feel good enough to eat with us and went down to his bed. Partly through our dinner I went down to check on him and asked him to come lay on the couch in the Great Room so he could at least be in the same area as we were. After all, he is the birthday boy! He came up and layed on the couch until we were done eating the dinner he requested: Fillet Minon, green beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese.

Daddy checked him out and decided he had a bad case of heartburn. He took a couple of Tums and then he started to smile and ask if he could open his gifts! Still, he didn't have an appetite.

Nana and Papaw bought a limited edition Colts football for him. He is going out of town with Papaw to meet Jeff Saturday in a few weeks. They talked about taking the football to get it autographed.

He could hardly keep his head up to blow out his candles. We were all actually laughing hysterically at this point.

He was hamming it up and trying to blow the candles out very slowly. I put a couple of trick candles in the mix that kept lighting back up!

That last breath took it all out of him!

He refused a piece of cake and went back downstairs at this point. We all enjoyed the cake though! We had a fun time even though he didn't feel well. I believe he has had too much birthday at this point-

Thanks for coming Nana and Papaw. We are glad you are such a big part of our daily lives!!
Hershey's Moma

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  1. Poor thing! He looks exhausted. Hope he is feeling back to himself. Happy Birthday!!



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