Good Bye Mr. Fish

Yesterday, the children played outside for most of the day. We had decided to have our oldest stay home from school. Not so he could play outside and enjoy the weather, but so he could catch up on some much needed rest. He did go to bed much earlier Thursday night and slept in Friday morning. He was still pretty run down. He worked on his school work for a couple of hours and was back to bed last night by 8:30.

After Mr. Fish passed away last weekend the children decided they wanted Mr. Fish to be in the water in our backyard. So, we had Mr. Fish on our back deck all week until a good time to throw him into the water. The water has been partially frozen all week. However, today there was a nice flow and almost all of the ice has melted. The kids all took part in going down to say their last goodbye to Mr. Fish.

Nobody was sad about it today like they were last weekend. They are starting to talk about what kind of a fish to get next. I'm leaving it up to our oldest to decide when we will get another one. He says he still isn't ready. So for now we have Ludy and Trudy, the 2 fish our daughter received for Christmas.

Hershey's Moma

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