From His Point of View

He got a new camera for work this past week. He took a few pictures around the house and I thought it would be interesting to see "life" at our house from his point of view!

Daddy's Girl!

Best Buds!

The way our kids naturally play is 2 by 2. It generally is the 2 older boys together and the 2 little ones together.

Let's Work Together!

Proud of her accomplishment!

When the kids aren't entertaining Hershey, Hershey resorts to his Pooh Bear friend.

Sweet boy reading his bed time story to himself as he waits on me to finish typing a report. If I don't get all my work done before I put him to bed it won't get done until the morning because I usually fall asleep with him.

Friday evening we ordered Pizza. I was caught stuffing the last piece into my mouth. Nice. I was leaving and had to get one last piece in!

Hershey's Moma

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