A Faceless Project For the Weekend!

Enjoying the warm day today! 50 degrees - he came up this morning dressed in shorts and a Tshirt! I sent him down to change. When he took Hershey out at noon, I said to him, "it's such a beautiful day however not quite warm enough for shorts." He replied, "I'll agree with you there!" It won't be long though.

Big boy undies are so fun to put on in the morning. Big sister is your greatest encourager in the small potty training efforts around here. (After 2 accidents in a row he had a diaper on by 10am) I haven't officially started the training. Big Sis is the only one encouraging this big boy undie thing!

Starting today, this is the only face you will see on my blog all weekend long.
Oh, and just in case anyone has been wondering, I don't write in the middle of the night or in the wee early hours of the morning. The clock on my computer is off by about 3 hours.
This is one of my favorite paintings Little Miss made a few days ago.

He came home from school last night with some things to remember written on his arm. As it turned out he remembered each item written down on his arm but forgot 2 folders in his locker with homework assignments in them each due today. I have asked him to come up with a better arrangement for remembering school assignments. We'll see what that solution might be.

Oh, the bracelets on his arm are my most favorite gift I gave each child for Christmas!!

I guess nothing says clean more than 1/2 a container of Dove body wash! The bubbles kept coming up the drain after their shower last night. Finally, I poured vinegar down the drain and just let it sit.


Hershey's Moma

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