Chore List

  1. He typed up a new chore list on the computer yesterday, printed it and brought it to me. This is what it said:
  2. 1. Feed Trudy and Ludy.
  3. 2. Walk Hershey.
  4. 3. Read to (baby brother).
  5. 4. Make my bed.
  6. 5. Play outside.
  7. 6. Walk Hershey.

So here is my interpretation of the list.
  1. Feed Trudy and Ludy. -He is taking on the responsibility of feeding his sisters fish that she received for Christmas in hopes that they won't get overfed and die as Mr. Fish unfortunately did.
  2. Walk Hershey. -He loves his dog. He doesn't even see walking him as a responsibility he just really likes to spend time with him and he will walk him every chance he gets. (except before 7a.m.!)
  3. Read to little brother. -I'm really not sure what to think about him adding this to his chore list except that I'm glad he sees reading as a responsibility. I would like him to see it as a great way to show his brother some brotherly love. I personally wouldn't consider it a chore though. I will have to ask him why it is on his list.
  4. Make my bed. -Just trying to please his Moma here:)
  5. Play outside. -He's 8. I think this should be on every 8 year old boys chore list.
  6. Walk Hershey. -On the list twice because Hershey does need to be walked at least twice a day, but also he just loves his dog!


Hershey's Moma

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