Behind the Couch

I love to see them playing together. All of the kids in our family really look up to their big brother! He is quite a treasure!

One afternoon this past weekend I took the kids swimming. We practically had the pool to ourselves. It was so beautiful outside I think most people were doing outdoor activities. With the younger 2 having had 6 swim lessons behind them I was really impressed with their swimming abilities. Our youngest swims now without help from me, and with his life jacket on. His swim instructor was very impressed last night at swimming lessons. She has been a great teacher! The Mommy and Me class is set up with singing throughout the class time. For each move in the water she teaches them she keeps it fun with putting a song to the movement. So as he swam in the water this weekend he would sing over and over, "row, row, row, your boat!" However, the turning point was this weekend at the pool as his older brother encouraged him to swim without any help from me! And he did!


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