A Week of Doctoring

Hershey chewed a hole in one of his favorite stuffed animals this week and he hasn't been able to play with it so the stuffing doesn't come completely out. Daddy brought home some instruments from work. They each worked together doctoring Hershey's pooh bear. In the end they sutured the bear back together with a running stitch. That is a stitch commonly used in surgery.

Hershey is 4 months old now. He received some doctoring at the vet this week. He got a great check-up, his last series of shots, and he weighs 8lbs. now!

She decided to come home that same day and do some doctoring of her own. She set up shop in the kitchen and her dog received a full check-up!

His doctoring this week wasn't so fun. His cheeks are swollen from oral surgery. He had a tooth cut out on one side and the other side he had a tooth exposed and rotated. Ouch. He had to have IV sedation. He has done pretty well though. He should be ready to go back to school by Tues. The Dr. said no sledding this weekend so he is staying indoors watching a lot of movies.

Hershey's Moma

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