He has been sneaking in time to read this book every chance he can get. 
He asked yesterday if instead of school work he could read all day. He did read most of the day however, he squeezed in math, language, and spelling. 
(He is on Ch. 43 out of 50 and just started the book 2 days ago.)

Right after a great omelet breakfast yesterday, I caught him sneaking a lick.

They are wearing their jammies inside out for the big snow prediction. 
They hope for at least enough to cover the grass for sledding in the backyard. 
They also want a little more snow so it lasts a few days! 
The weather man says 6 - 8 inches. Lets hope!
 "If" they go to bed with their jammies inside out then "they say" 
more snow is suppose to come our way!! That is why there jammies are inside out.

*I hope I don't catch anyone sneaking out of bed too early in the morning
 with all the excitement of snow due by 7a.m.*
 I want them to all be well rested for the exciting day tomorrow might bring!
(as well as Myself, you know)

I caught daddy sneaking a kiss in the other day while they were playing together.

Hershey's Moma

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