Rocketing Into February

Yesterday I decided to move the children to different bedrooms. They each need to have there own space.
He has his own bedroom for the first time since he was 2. He is the one that came to me and asked to have his own room. He likes to sleep without any noise at all. That doesn't happen very often when you share your room with a little brother. He is looking for this hoodie though and hopes we didn't loose it in the move! He came to me today and said, "are you sure you moved it to my new closet." I will double check his closet in the morning.

She has always had her own room. She is a little upset with the move however. She is the only one that didn't get to move to a different room. Hershey still sleeps in her room so I think her disappointment will be short lived.

I think the new arrangement will work out for the best for all.

Each of the boys had a hard time sleeping last night with the new arrangement and I decided to let everyone sleep in today. I took our oldest to school 2 hours late. He really enjoyed his day because I also took him out to lunch. School went by very fast with that arrangement! He also did his homework on the bus so he could have more free time at home. Good idea sweetie!

So now we are rocketing into February will many new projects I wasn't really planning on.
Closets to organize, toys to resort, furniture to rearrange, alarm clocks to reset. . .
Hershey's Moma

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