"Okay, I'm ready!"

He loved making Valentine cookies, however he is sooo ready for his birthday to be here. He wants us to make Chocolate cake. He also has a list posted on the fridge for his wish list. He asks me every day if I have gone shopping yet. No, I'm not quite ready. I will be though. I wouldn't miss his birthday for anything!

He is ready to go back to school tomorrow. He wasn't ready he said, to go to the Community Center with us to swim all day today. He was afraid his blood pressure would get too high and cause his incision sights to bleed where he had oral surgery 4 days ago. That was probably a good idea. So while I took the 3 younger ones to the pool he stayed home with dad instead. They had a very quite day at home and a nice lunch out.

She picked these out at the grocery store today. This was a treat because we generally don't buy them. In fact she had her own cart today that she loaded to the top with treats. She asked if she could put anything she wanted into her cart and I gave her the okay. She got 2 boxes of fudge stripes(I really like to only make homemade cookies), strawberries, 2 bunches of bananas, 2 avocados, the new Danimals Coolision dual tube yogurts, a box of heart cookies, and 2 lunchables.(one to share with her middle brother because she says he likes them?!)

Then when she sat down to eat the big stack of cookies I told her she would probably get a tummy ache if she ate all of them. She said, "that's okay I like to be sick." "You know Moma, sick like my (oldest) brother has been." "Because when he was sick he got to go to the store and pick out anything he wanted and eat anything he wanted - he didn't even have to share!"
So she is ready to be sick. I think maybe I'm not going to encourage that.

I think he is showing all of the signs that he is ready to be potty trained. The other night before bed he got his diaper, the wipes, and his jammies. Then he layed on the floor and proclaimed, "okay, I'm ready!"

I think the bigger question now is are we ready??

Maybe after the Olympics are over. Or maybe we will be ready when the snow all melts. . .


Hershey's Moma

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