Much of My Days Are Spent Redirecting

She often needs redirected as to which shoes are appropriate to wear in the snow and slush.
 I sometimes find her wanting to go out in dress shoes and today she wanted to go out in her slippers!

The oldest has needed some redirecting as to which video games are appropriate to spend time on. 
Both of the older boys have recently needed to be redirected in the area 
of how much time should be given to video games each day.

I would much rather see them spending the bulk of their time 
playing the Old Fashioned way - without electronics.

He says, "I can't wait until spring."

This little Mister needed some redirecting this afternoon as we went to the McDonald's Playland
Upon arriving we realized the Playland was closed for repairs. They had it all taken apart.
 However, they didn't lock the door to the playland, and before we knew it 
he was off and running for it. I went after him as well as our middle son and daughter saying,
 "no, it's closed, it's broken, you can't go up!" He went up. It was broken.
Much of the flooring had even been removed. 
He found a somewhat safe spot to lay and look down at us.
(including the construction workers) 
I said in a very nice moma voice, "you need to come down it is broken." 
He said, "No, I'm not coming down!" (with a smile and a gleam in his eye) 
So we all just stared at him. I was thinking do I go up and get him down 
risking my own life as one of the weak tunnels and stairs might collapse on my way up and risk him maybe running away from me and falling himself?! 
So we just all stared not really knowing what to do. 
Then after what seemed like forever he decided on his own to make his way back down. 
As he came out of the tunnel he said with excitement, "I came down!" 
I had him apologize to the construction workers(who were very nice and understanding) 
Then we left.

She is wanting her hair to grow long like mine she says. 
I need to redirect her each day with reminders that it will take a while.

The house has been redirected to its normal state of nonparty decorations. 
We have one balloon left and no more cake!

And this sweet dog is needing to let go of that sucker and be redirected to his own chew toys!

Have a sweet day even if you have to spend it redirecting!


Hershey's Moma

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