He Has A Pen Pal

His first friend from Kindergarten who has since moved and now they are Pen Pals!! So Cute-

This is a picture of the 2 pen pals on their first field trip together in Kindergarten. They became friends that year as they met at the before school social. They found out there that they were in the same class and were excited. They looked for each other at the before school meet and greet and found out they wouldn't start school together on the same first day. (1/2 of the class starts on one day followed by the other 1/2 the next) They understood they would see each other on the 2nd full day of school when the whole class would be present.
What a fun year they had! We had class parties, field trips, birthday parties, and playgroups.

One memory we can't forget is the day we had planned to have his pen pal friend over for a play date right after morning kindergarten. I had arranged to pick them up from school together. However, that morning Daddy had an accident.

This actually happen 2 years ago today. Daddy had just left for work and I was just getting into the shower when the phone rang. It showed on caller ID that is was Daddy. I answered and the call was dropped before we could say anything. He tried calling back about 5 times and each time the same thing would happen. I was starting to get frustrated because I was trying to get a shower in when finally we made a connection. He said, "I just got hit by a bus." I remember saying "are you okay, is anyone hurt?" He said, "I'm okay, and I checked the kids on the bus - they are okay too, but I'm really cold - could you come pick me up." I then asked, "has anyone called 911?" He said, "no." I told him I would be right there and asked him for the crossroads so I could find him. Then I hung up and called 911. I asked the operator if anyone had called in a accident at the crossroads my husband had given me. She said yes, and an ambulance was on it's way. I was very worried and asked her if she knew who was hurt. She didn't know. I hung up, called mom to come watch the little ones, threw on some clothes, and raced to the accident scene.
Everyone was okay, including the kids on the bus and the bus driver. His car was totalled out and he was shaken. He was on in way in to do surgery though and called the surgery center to say he was going to be late he was in an accident. The head of the surgery center told him they would cancel out his day.
It was just about time to pick up the boys from school at this point and I remember going to get them but, we decided to cancel the play date. The boys were crushed.
It was hard when they moved away also. I remember the boys had memorized Psalm 23 in Kindergarten and I had saved a voicemail on my phone of my little man saying the verse. As I learned they were moving away I listed to my voicemail and heard the recording of Psalm 23. I remember thinking as I heard "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want-" Lord, I have a big want. I don't want our friends to move. Then I listened to the rest and heard the ending "I will live in the house of the Lord forever-" and so will they! Amen!!
So thankful for our friends, and thankful for God's promises.
Hershey's Moma


  1. Wow, so many memories came flooding back as I read this. I had to fight tears as I looked at the picture and saw how much they have grown. There weren't necessarily tears of sadness, because I am so proud to see them grow into the young men that they are. I will never forget the first time they played together at the park.

    I also vividly remember the car accident. So incredibly thankful that he was ok.

    We miss you and are so thankful to still have you as part of our lives. I will try to stop crying now and meditate on these memories and being thankful to have you as friends as well. :)

  2. Jen, believe me, the tears wouldn't stop as I was looking through all the sweet pics I have of those 2 trying to find just the one I wanted. We miss you too. I'm so glad the boys are pen pals:)



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