Happy Birthday!

You were born 8 years ago this morning. I was so excited to meet you I barely slept the night before. I finally got out of bed at 4 a.m. and went shopping at the 24 hour grocery store. I bought you a new toy. We left for the hospital at about 6 a.m. and you were born on a snowy morning at 9:15 a.m. Daddy was the first one to hold you. I felt like he held you too long! I kept asking him a million questions about you. Who you looked like, color of hair, skin coloring, toes, ears, fingers. . . I cried a little, tears of joy, and the anetheseologist wiped the tears away. When I finally held you for the first time I remember seeing your sweet face. You had no eyelashes or eyebrows. The OB said you were going to be a toe-head and she was right. At the time of your birth however, your hair was black just like your older brother. Your older brother was waiting to meet you at your cousins house. He was able to meet you at the hospital the day after you were born when Nana brought him. You cried a little the first time he held you.

Nana gave you your first bath. Daddy and Nana sang you your first song, Jesus Loves Me, as they were trying to comfort you when you had to lay under the warmer to get your body temperature up. I was a little disappointed I couldn't just hold you next to me to warm you up. It didn't take too long before I could hold you.

You really liked to sleep more than eat. You would nurse about every 3 hours(when I would wake you) and then sleep in between. You did this for almost your first 6 months of life. Your older brother complained because he thought you slept too much!

You took your first steps on your first birthday as Nana came with donuts and balloons that morning. As I opened the door to let her in you walked right over to her. We were all laughing and saying she should have brought you donuts and balloons before that day because you had been strolling for about 3 months prior to that morning.

When you were 2 you loved to play hide and seek. You tried to play this one time as I was in the dressing room at the department store. At first it was cute as you were hiding behind all the clothes. Then you decided to crawl under the door for a new adventure. I had to run to catch up to you and you were laughing saying, "you tan't (can't) tetch (catch) me, you tan't tetch me!!"

Three years old and all grown up. We introduced a new sister to you. You were the helper now. You took your job very seriously. She was born just 6 weeks before your oldest brother started 3rd grade. We would go every Monday morning to his school and grade papers in the hall for about 40 minutes until your music class started. You would spend your time taking pictures of her, shaking her rattle, and sometimes holding her bottle. We would go downstairs to the teachers lounge to warm her bottle. One of those Monday mornings I put the bottle in the microwave accidentally leaving the cap on. As the microwave stopped you were right beside me as I started to shake her bottle. The cap flew off the end of the bottle and hit you right on your nose. That was your first nose bleed.

Then came 4 years old. You, your sister, and I had been house hunting for weeks leading up to this birthday as daddy had taken a new job about an hour away. We found just the house and daddy ended up signing the purchase agreement right after your party. It is the house we live in now.

Five years old and starting your first year in formal education and you have a new baby brother at home. I was very proud of you. You memorized more of the Bible in that year alone than I have in my whole life! I saved a favorite verse that you memorized on my cell phone in your sweet 5 year old voice. I listen to it ever so often and it always makes my heart happy.

Just after you turned 6 you competed in the Little 500 big wheel race. We were all there to cheer you on. We saw you cross the finish line and we still say you came in first. It was a very close call and you took it very well when the judges awarded the first prize to the other little boy.

Seven years old was the year of accomplishments. You decided you wanted to reach some goals. You have a list of 18 things to do before you are 18. You have done 6 of them.

We all love you so much and have enjoyed these 8 years we have been blessed to have with you!

Enjoy your birthday breakfast with Nana this morning-

Love, Moma



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