Exciting Times

All excited that Nana and Papaw are finally home from their trip to Puerto Rico. They were due to arrive home Monday but got delayed with the snow. They got in early this morning. The kids missed them so much and have each been planning their alone time at their house.

The kids are wearing the T-shirt Nana and Papaw brought back for them. Starting with the littlest one on the top(who is really asleep) his shirt says I'm a shark. Next, our middle son's shirt says hammerhead from Palomino Island, our daughters shirt reads love, love is all you need, live in love, peace, and our oldest son has a doggie pirate on the front and back.

He loves outside play time. He really wanted to ride his bike on the driveway today. He tried to atop the snow but it just kept getting stuck. He also tried pushing his lawn mowers on the snow. They worked a little better but in the end he resorted to riding for a time in the garage. I made him come in after about 40min. so he could warm up. He wasn't very happy about that. I think he would have stayed out for hours or until he fell asleep on his bike!

The bigger boys have been enjoying their inside play time. They have been playing inside football lately. They invented this game with daddy about 4 years ago shortly after we moved into this house. We have a circular floor plan in the basement that they use to play a receiving type of football game. They each take turns running around a designated path until daddy throws the ball. The boys usually catch the ball in a diving sort of way. Sometimes there is also tackling involved. Of course they understand how it is done and I'm sure it is much more involved than that. They really enjoy it!

She has been joining in with the football game as well. She catches the ball very well and she has a very strong throwing arm coupled with a very competitive spirit-

The icicles are still hanging outside however, they started to drip this afternoon. We have so much snow though I can't imagine it all being melted until the first of April!
Hershey's Moma

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