Ever Since She Has Been Born-

I have loved dressing her up and She has loved dress up. . .
Close snuggles with big brother. . .

and making big messes!!!

Then she started to love make-up of all sorts. . .

flip-flops would call her name. . .

and a chocolate cake that she requests each year on her birthday.

A little older and gardening became her thing. . .

jumping in the leaf pile for hours and finding a snake in there. . .

and then she learned to bake!

Caring for her doll in its basket lasted for a time,

but dress-up has always been fine-

even dress-up in one of Moma's favorite sweaters!

Then she received her first make-up kit. She thought it was grand!

Her first day of home school (preschool)-

She can now do things like ride a horse with ease.

She will snuggle close to Moma anytime for a book.

She has asked for a bunny many times and wonders when daddy won't be allergic anymore.

I think the stuffed animals are the best and she does too.

I think she likes gathering with family the most at Nana and Papaw's house and sometimes. . .

she dresses up before she goes there.

Oh the joy in riding her bike and the relaxing times she has at the beach.

Some things that delight her to the core are-


sharing pig-tails with Moma,

wearing Moma's heels,

and messes!!(ever since she has been born)

She is very much a daddy's girl and the big sister!

Two of her favorite things to do while we are out are order ice cream and ride the pony at the grocery.

She has been known to eat 1/2 of a box of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting.

She would play in the snow every day if she could and she does do art work every day. She now says she is an artist not that she will be an artist when she grows up but that she is one!

Anything Curious George goes!

I love you to the moon and back my sweet girl! (ever since you have been born)
When she stayed at Nana and Papaw's last week for many days I told her I missed her to the moon and back. I asked her if she missed me the same. She said no. I said, "then maybe you missed me to the stars and back?" She replied, "no Moma, I missed you to the streetlamp and back."

Hershey's Moma


  1. What a great post!! Isabelle will love looking at these pictures. We miss you guys. :) Have a great day!

  2. I totally love it all! What a wonderful tribute! You look super cute in pony tails by the way!!!



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