What We Think and What We Say

While we were at the mall the other day, a salesclerk asked him how old he was. He replied the age he will be on his next birthday. I said, "no." So he said, "well I will be on my next birthday - soon!" So she asked him when his birthday was and what he wants and so forth. Then she said, "so what kind of a party are you going to have?" He simply replied, "a birthday."

One night this past week Nana was dropping her off at our house after she had some time alone at Nana's house. When Nana pulled up in our driveway they each saw our family around the dining room table through the window. She said to Nana, "look it's one big happy family!"

As a family we went out to dinner last night and took his friend along too. In the car on the ride home they were talking about the research project they are each working on for school. Our son was very excitedly telling us the details he has discovered about his scientist, Stephen Hawking. He was going on and on about things like Phd.'s in Cosmology and what that entails, black holes emitting radiation, the big bang theory and why it is wrong, theories on thermodynamics, ALS and living with it, being accepted into the Royal Club in England and how hard that is (only 20 people allowed in at a time), Professorship at Cambridge University and so forth. While we were listening to all the details his friend at one point thought he was giving a description of himself. (we all got a laugh out of that comment!) During this litany of facts his friend also said, "hey I told you to use words with 6 letters or less because I don't understand a word you are saying!"

Last Saturday night we were all at Nana and Papaw's house to eat fried chicken and watch the Colts play. At one point in the night all the kids were in the basement playing while mom and I were alone in the kitchen talking. He wandered in the kitchen looking downcast and I asked him what was wrong. With his head hung low he replied, "everything."

Nothing Moma's kisses and tickles can't fix!

After a little shopping trip to T.J. Maxx this week I proudly displayed my new find on the kitchen counter.

I love it!
Then. . .

When he came home and saw it on display he said, "what did you get a new fish bowl?!" And if that wasn't enough he said next, "do you really need that when you have a refrigerator that dispenses water?!" I guess it was the look I gave him because he immediately said, "Oh I'm sorry that wasn't what you wanted to hear." Then he shared in my enjoyment of it. We got a laugh because it has a slight drip! I still love it though.

Hershey's Moma

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