We Could Hardly Fall Asleep

We started our day getting everyone ready for the Colts parties.

She wanted to have her nails done -

in five different colors!

We made plans to go to Snapperz for our Colts party - just me, the 3 youngest, and Nana.
I had to make sure every ones' Colts attire was clean and out of the laundry before we could go.

He went to the game with Daddy and Papaw!

And he pulled a tooth before we left for Snapperz - 
he didn't want it to fall out when we were jumping, playing, climbing, and so forth.
 Such a planner!

And just before bed he drew a picture of the sunrise. 
I wonder who will be awake in time to see it. After all, we could all hardly fall asleep!


Hershey's Moma

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