Today we did a little-

Playing with play dough while moma cleaned the kitchen. Picking out just the right hat for my bright blue snowman!!

I think I like this one!

All done.
Then we. . .

Made sure to clean the fish bowls. This involved catching them by net first. They call this fishing!
These 2 little fish are hers from Nana and Papaw for Christmas. She is very responsible with them. There names are Ludy and Trudy because they rhyme.

They also do a little petting once they get them out of the bowl.

The fish go into a coffee mug while the bowl is getting washed. This fish is "Mr. Fish" won at the school carnival 5 years ago!

Steady. Almost. I think you can do it! And he did.

All clean!

And a little math-

Math homework, he asked for my help on #1. I gave him help and he understood! On #2 he needed help again. I told him to call homework help line. (I had no clue and didn't even want to try it and confuse him). He didn't like that idea. I asked him what he was going to do and he said, "think a little harder!" FYI: If you spend $15. bucks at Steak-n-Shake right now you get that pretty glass for free!! We have 2. Can't wait until we have a whole collection.

Math worksheet for today. I saw him staring and had to grab the camera. I asked him if he was daydreaming or thinking. He said thinking. He got them all right so whatever he was doing was working!!

Hershey's Moma

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