This One is for you Grandma B!

We aren't exactly sure what type of a bird this is. We have settled on a falcon. At first we thought it was an owl even though we spotted it in our backyard in the middle of the day. We first spotted it at the end of November. It came every day until the water froze. Mom has also spotted it down at her house.

He is speckled on his breast, turns his head around, likes to sit close to the water as opposed to close to the house, and has a large wing span. He swoops down in the field across the water maybe to get mice? He is a sight. Hope to see him again before the winter is over.

We sure have missed being able to see you! We are glad to hear you are feeling better and that you have your computer up and running.

She says she also misses seeing Tiki and misses helping you like she did when she would stay with you and keep you company.

The little ones and I have been keeping busy since you left. One of the things we kept busy with during the month of December was a Mommy and Me gymnastics class. It met once a week for an hour. We liked it but the little ones didn't want to sign up again. They said they especially liked the pottery class we took in the fall so we will do another pottery class in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to show you some pictures of some of the creations this go round!
Hershey's Moma

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