Target Practice:

Warning: This post contains images you may not want little eyes to see.

I still might put my shirt on inside out, but I can target shoot with the best of 'em!
This gun was his birthday present last year.

I wonder who came closest to the target. They always run and see after each shot. It is a very competitive time.

At some point he got too cold and put on his hoodie. After all it was only in the 30's.

Love the snow boots!

Daddy also got a new gun last year. Not for his birthday, just because.

And he got daddy's old gun. What a nice surprise.

He does like it but he has put a new one on his birthday wish list for this year.

Gray sky's and no snow. A perfect day for target shooting!

Hershey's Moma

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  1. How fun!! Isaac got a bb gun for his birthday from his Grandma and Papa this year and the boys have had a great time with it. They even had an indoor range set up in the family room one day. :) Great pictures!



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