A Miracle is Something Only God Can Do

This morning as the kids were eating chocolate chip pancakes I told them the story of Jesus' first miracle.

I explained how Jesus had fun filled times here on earth just as we do. Jesus was celebrating in Cana at a wedding with his mother and disciples. The wedding party lasted 7 days. At some time during this party the wine ran out. Jesus' mother told the groom's servants to "do whatever He tells you." Jesus had authority over all because He is All-Powerful God who came down to earth from Heaven. He could and did do a Miracle. He turned the water into wine! The party continued.

Jesus didn't put anything into the water. He just spoke and it was so. This was His first miracle. A miracle is something only God can do! "So tell me children," I asked as the story came to a close. Can any of you do a miracle?

"Yes!" she eagerly replied. "When?" I asked. "When I clean my room!"
Hershey's Moma

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