I Love the Way

I love the way they play together. They love to play racing games. I also love the way they look in there new jammies Nana bought.

I love the way my freshly painted nails look. It is the very popular rainbow look. I also love the way she can stay in the lines. I think she is a little artist. She said she would like to paint my brothers fiances' nails next week just before the wedding. She wants to paint them rainbow like mine!

I also love the way the kids are into lincoln logs right now. She built a tower for Simon to live in. (from Alvin and the Chipmunks)

I love the way he carefully researches any video game he purchases. He looks them up on

I love the way he takes care of his Daddy's shoes. He places them very nicely on the trashcan so Hershey won't chew them up.

When I asked him why he put Daddy's shoes there I love the way he responded with, "because I don't want Pershey to get them."

Oh so responsible for such a little fellow. He likes to make his Daddy proud.

I love the way he dresses in his green froggie boots. He can put them on all by himself which I also love.

I love the way she responded last night when she heard me say, "Lord bless her." She said, "bless me, is that all you've got!"
Hershey's Moma

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