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I am doing a project for school. The following pictures I picked to write sentences about using my spelling words. These are some of my favorite pictures and the last picture that I picked is my most favorite!

When I ran errands with Moma yesterday I didn't frown when she picked out this new hoodie for me!
It was not my fault that we had to make so many stops.Italic

I did have to scramble to find a postcard with a raccoon on it.

Then this morning I didn't realize the sunrise was so beautiful with the orange sky. I was still spread in my bed in a snuggle!

Last year I ran and ran and ran -2 miles- and didn't even have to push up my sleeve! I didn't realize my shoe was untied.

This is the spread from Easter this past year. I think I'm chewing strawberry flavored gum! I got all that candy from my Nana and Papaw because I am there grandson!

I didn't want to use my voice for fear of getting sand in my mouth and throat last Spring Break. Moma buried me and didn't even use a special instrument, just her hands.

This is the cold-blooded vertebrate I found in the ocean.

I fed the seagull cheetos. A seagull is not a mammal.

This was our first entrance into the water. I don't want to deceive anyone. The water was COLD!

My most favorite picture:

My favorite picture of an amphibian. I found this reptile on my driveway last summer.
I helped Moma with the sentences but the only work I did totally on my own was spelling the italicized words and picking the pictures off of the playstation and Moma's camera.
I hope I get a 100 on my test tomorrow. Moma will let you know.

Hershey's Buddy

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