The Colts Won!

He has been loading his truck up with letters these days instead of playing cards. He loves letters and asks me what they say. He knows the names of each letter and almost has all of the sounds down. Daddy says it is time to start teaching him to read! Maybe right after he gets potty trained I will start working on reading!

He also had one last play day in the snow on the driveway yesterday. Today it was just a layer of ice/slush. When daddy came home from BSF this morning he and our oldest scraped the layer of ice off so now it is plain pavement. We hope to get another good snow fall for sledding again.

He did his best on his spelling test this week. He missed one spelling word and one vocab. word. Wonderful studying! He is working so hard this 9 weeks. Keep it up buddy!

Today she and her friend played beauty shop. They each got to roll there hair in curlers with Moma's help of course. She liked the curls and said they were gorgeous. One of her teachers didn't recognize her at church tonight!

She wanted her curls really curly. I think we achieved that. She was very pleased. She also requested no hairspray!

They even got painted nails!

And they are super excited the Colts won tonight. Can you believe they won and Moma only let them drink one can of pop during the game!!?? They didn't think it was possible! I think the one can of pop per week rule can stand!

Hershey's Moma

P.S. I told her she could paint first thing in the morning if she would go to bed quickly and quietly tonight. She will be painting first thing. I think she set a record for herself and was asleep in about 5 minutes flat. Whoa. Hope she does that again.


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