Because. . .

This magazine just arrived in the mail today and because. . .
he does balloon surgery (a special -the best- sinus surgery) he made the first page of the magazine! Congratulations sweetie!! Of course I know you are the best but now all of the county gets to see! He has been doing this newer sinus surgery for 3 years now. He was trained in '06 when we went to Canada. It is a minimally invasive surgery for chronic sinus patients with peek results. His patients are very satisfied and say it is life changing. They recover very quickly going back to work usually in 1 to 2 days!

Because we were home alone this morning I took some time to get a picture of us. We also played cars on the floor alone, he took a bath alone, and even ate breakfast alone. I think this was his first time since he was born that he was home alone with me! After a couple hours of alone time with me he was ready to go to Nana's because that is where big brother and sister were - Nana and Papaw too of course.

I didn't dress him until after he ate his cereal because sometimes the milk does drip! Today I made a good decision because somehow the milk ended up all down the front of him, down the chair, and to the floor.

Because they all love computer stuff they were getting a kick out of viewing the new Itouch tablet.

I'm not even sure if that is what it is called or not because I was trying to clean the kitchen as they were viewing it. They did call me over a few times to see different cool features because I'm sure it is on there mind that I would love a new computer and just maybe that one??!

I've never known how to use the timer on my camera because Hershey's Daddy is the one who always sets that up. Because I wanted to expand my camera taking abilities -

we read up on how to do the timer. Then we took this picture. Not to bad for the first time.

Because I was teaching myself how to use the timer on my camera I got this goofy shot of me and a great shot of the boys. I wish I could crop myself out of the picture because I think it would be better with just the boys. I tried every which way but I had to keep it like it is because my head is too high.

It doesn't even look like I'm using the timer feature at all because my face looks like its one of those times I tried to hold the camera and get a shot of us all!

Missing her this week because. . .

she decided on Wednesday she wanted to move to Nana's house. She packed her suitcase for 10 days! I'm glad Nana only lives 4 doors down so we can still see each other often. We took these pictures when she came home yesterday for me to babysit her while Nana had to get her hair done. She ended up going back for the evening and until bed. Then she decided to come home to sleep because she missed Hershey! She was awake at 5:50a.m. to go back down to Nana's. I had her wait until 7:50 because Nana likes to sleep until at least 8!
She is home with us tonight and I think for the duration. Now I just need to go to Nana's to get all of her clothes and jammies home.

Because the other night I was hungry for some chocolate I decided to eat her chocolate bar that was staring at me in the pantry. I decided to eat it and not save it for her because she was spending the night at Nana's house. She would have never known that I ate her chocolate because I could buy a new bar before she even came home. The plan was to just sneak another chocolate bar onto the shelf before she got home and no problem. That is until. . .
I was putting just about the last bite into my mouth and. . .
he came up to me saying,

"are you eating my chocolate bar?!!?" Oh no. I. ate. HIS! I tried to explain, said I was sorry and that doesn't really help when he is coming out of the pantry empty handed and wanting to know if I am eating HIS chocolate bar because he has a craving for chocolate. Well first he cried and then he smiled because. . .

I promised next time we go to the store we will buy 2 chocolate bars just for him. Maybe he should hide them in his safe!
Hershey's Moma

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