Apple Pie Surprise

The other morning just as her daddy left for work she came to me with an idea. She wanted us to make a surprise apple pie for daddy - his favorite. So we went to work.

She decided not to wait until daddy came home to cut into it. She had a piece for lunch!

He did the measuring and the mixing of half of the apples.

His finished side of the pie
while the sweet little one kept stirring his side.

And as I was snapping photos of his finished side sweetie making the other half decided to finish his work all by himself! He did a great job as I watched through the camera lens.

I think he was proud of himself too.

Instead of eating a piece of pie he spent his time building a huge tower. He doesn't like apple pie.

And when daddy came home he had a piece and said it was the best one ever! What a nice surprise. An apple pie surprise.
Hershey's Moma

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