And Just So I Don't Forget!

She left a pair of socks, hair scrunchy, a sweatshirt, and some art work at our house this weekend. I need to remember to mail if off tomorrow.
I don't want to forget a few of the ways he helped out this weekend. He fixed my broken range top so I don't have the hassle of calling a repair man tomorrow, he gave Hershey his bath, he steam cleaned the carpet in the office, he took our youngest to his favorite indoor playground(Chick-fil-A), he cleaned the coffee machine, washed down his counter in the bathroom, and helped me with a few of the settings on my computer. Thanks!!
I don't want to forget what a caring brother/son he is.

It is also important for me to remember that she loves to go to the library and I should remember to take her more often.

He has a popsicle every day if he remembers to ask for one. Some days he wakes up wanting one. I do ask that he eats breakfast first and then he can have one. He sometimes tries to sneak one in later in the day and I have to remember if he has already had one or not.

I set this picture in the pantry that I just received from my organized friend. Every time I see it I remember I really want to achieve an organized pantry - soon.
The picture makes me smile when I see it and helps me remember that day at the orchard. I don't want to forget how the kids loved collecting apples and the youngest was eating 2 at one time!

I made a new little area in my kitchen to hang up reminders - just so I don't forget.

That area use to look like this. I'm glad I took the time to make a change.

I still don't believe he is taller than me. I don't want to forget this past year was when he surpassed me.

I organized her toys in her room today. Oh to remember these times as a carefree girl.

Today is Hershey's 3 month birthday. I don't want to forget that he weighed 6.25 pounds on his 3 month check up. I also don't want to forget that when the Dr. said all looked good and no problems, Hershey's buddy responded, "Oh good!" Then the Dr. looked at him and said, "Oh you are glad to hear that he checks out okay?!" "Do you have any questions for me regarding Hershey?" Hershey's buddy responded with a no and the Doctor said, "if you think of anything you be sure to call me - you can call me any time!"

I also don't want to forget that when our daughter and I were looking at one of our favorite blogs today the daddy in that blog had a watch on that looked just like our daddy's watch. She said, "look moma that daddy took our daddy's watch!" I didn't respond right away so she said, "I think he stole my daddy's watch."

I don't want to forget how she coaxed Hershey into the shower last week and gave him a bath. As she was washing him down with the sponge she was saying, "you're going to look so handsome!"

Remembering how he has been caught sneaking into his brothers room occasionally to play PSP or Ipod games. He is always quick to make things right when he does something wrong - that I hope he never forgets.

The days of keeping him in his footed jamies all day. I know the older two boys don't do that anymore, and I can't remember when they stopped doing that. Maybe when they were 4 or 5?

That is one of the reasons I started to blog. Just so I don't forget!
Hershey's Moma

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  1. Just so you don't forget! Thank you so very much for helping me out! I love you very much. You are a special friend in my life. God has blessed me very much.



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