All in a days work!

Frozen Water Behind Our House - It Is Cold Outside

We have an especially large number of Cardinals this winter in our backyard.

Winter of 2004. I was pregnant and only went down a few times.

First things first! The couch is cleared and all laundry put away. I even did two extra loads this morning for good measure! No more kiddos saying where is my this or that. On a side note, Hershey is not allowed on the furniture. I put him there only for the picture!

Next, we have had a dripping faucet in the Master bath for a couple of months now. We can finally say it is fixed!! All it took was looking up the problem online, running to Home Depot to find out they didn't carry the part, calling Delta and ordering the part, asking a plumber for an estimate (350.00), and My Husband and Dad installing the part for free!! Thanks guys!

FYI: The light bulb needs changed in the boys closet.

Finally, we have been relaxing watching the birds in our backyard. We feed them and they come!! The water is frozen and the birds are now walking on the ice. We will too in about 5 more days - we are a little heavier then the birds! The kids would like to be sledding but there is not quite enough snow on our grass. The rule is if you can see the grass then you can't sled. As you can see we broke that rule back in the winter of 2004. Lots of grass, mud, and a little snow. That was when we had 2 kids. We have changed our ways.


Hershey's Moma

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