Updates of All Sorts

He gets to take naps in his bed now instead of the car because as of today-

He is now riding the school bus. He won't be taking care of Hershey in the morning - we are going to let Hershey sleep in because we leave the house at 6:30 to catch the bus. However, I gain 2 hours each day with this new set up!!

Hershey you will be in good hands though. You will stay home where you will be loved on by either mom or dad.

The boys wanted me to show you the current "all time favorite game." You know it could change in a matter of days so I'm glad to get it posted - today.

She randomly came up to me today and said thanks for letting me paint moma! She loves to paint so much that she does at least one painting a day. Sometimes many more. One of her favorite art activities is to blend the colors to get just the right one.

I wonder who has been driving his dump truck throughout the house these days leaving his cards behind?? He has about 3 different stacks of cards that he keeps in the back of his dump truck. He loves dumping them. The picking up isn't quite as fun. The dump truck goes into time out until he is ready to pick up the cards. It doesn't stay in time out for long!

It has been soooo cold out we have been doing many inside activities. We made play dough on top of the stove 2 nights ago. It is fun to make and so warm when you knead it to spread the
color throughout. Then of course it is always a fun activity to play with it. We made letters with it too.

Getting it just right.

Mixing the flour in is fun and sometimes a little messy if you don't look as you dump. I used a toothpick to get the flour out of all the crevices of the range top. No harm done. FYI: the range top only gets hot directly under the pan. No, I did not catch his pants on fire or even come close to burning his leg.

We added a lot of blue and a little red to get our very blue play dough.

Mixing, kneading, and warming our hands up. My favorite part. It is very relaxing.

Oh the birds in our yard! We have been putting the food out and the word is out. There were so many out today. They must know the snow is coming so they all were stocking up today!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
I thought this was a good idea so I had to get a picture to share with you all. First she squirted the tub all around with baby shampoo. Then my tub got scrubbed until it sparkled and all the bubbles were gone. This was about a 40 minute activity!! She loved it. It was better then going to the pool. We will be adding this to her chore list!!

Daddy came home for lunch and got to see the art work. He asked him what was for lunch and was surprised to hear, "ice cream!" Wishful thinking. We had Mexican Casserole.

Today we made brownies that Flopped! We tried a new recipe. Never again. We will be sticking with the Hershey Cocoa recipe - our favorite - in the future. He had fun making them though.

He knows how to pour just over the bowl. No messes to clean up after him. On a side note, he also carried in all the groceries today without my even asking!! Wow - marvelous!

Got his teeth cleaned yesterday and 1 baby tooth pulled. Only one last baby tooth left in his mouth and it is loose.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
We are missing Nana B and hope she gets her computer plugged in soon. She will love to see the birds from our backyard. Wish you were here to see them in person, Nana B!

Today is her birthday. Happy, Happy birthday!! Only 1 more month until wedding bells!!

Hope we are drinking lots of hot chocolate and playing in the snow tomorrow.

If the weather man is right we should have 6 inches by mid morning. The kids sleep in inside out jammies the night before a big snow!! It is just too exciting.

We are wishing for more snow as we go to bed tonight. Sweet dreams.

Hershey's Moma

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