ten on ten // January 2017

Happy New Year! Today was a big day; the first day after returning to school after Christmas break that all the children made it to school. We've started this New Year as a bunch of sickies over here. So far it has gone through the entire family minus our oldest and I. Praying we aren't going to get it!
Today, the beauty in our ordinary though ten photos:

to the car; 5 min behind and a bit of coffee to finish on the drive
after jazz band drop off for our High Schooler and before school drop off for our youngest two
apple cinnamon bagel with plain cream cheese toasted as promised
home // Hershey love (I want another dog.)
what I'm reading
the dreary day view as I go room to room putting laundry away
in the great room (all the laundry is put away. whew. I was way behind.)
hubs and our oldest giving opinions (can't say that I disagree and personally I believe anything you set your mind to, through hard work and determination, is an art...including football. hello.)
delicious dinner; carry out
the loud ping pong view from where I sit 


Christmas 2016

The Christmas 
Here's how I look at it; you get a week to be nervous about what you're gonna get and a week to play with what you get. -mister, 9
Maybe our next world champion table tennis player. Time will tell. 😘
Three of her favorite gifts all in one pic: color changing nail polish from Nana, a creation from her 3doodler pen and a necklace from "that really special jewelry shop that packages all their stuff in blue?!?And I'm never taking it off!"

You know what we forgot to do?? (Mister said to me about mid morning.) Read the Bible story...that's the most important part of Christmas. 
So we read it sitting around the tree before bed.
Merry, merry


ten on ten // December 2016

It's the holiday season! The kids are so excited! Girlie was up way early so I pulled out the gingerbread houses for she and I to decorate. Then hubs and I went on errands and a lunch date making sure to get home mid afternoon so he could get out to hunt...
Ten on ten! The beauty in our ordinary-

in the kitchen just girlie and I; gingerbread house decorating. "Not for the contest," she said.
cutest Santa mug!
our first dusting of snow leftover from yesterday +a few leaves we never got to.
football loving boy!
wrapping paper and a few stocking stuffers +one teacher stocking to hang in her classroom for the students to fill this week.
Napolese pizzeria for lunch; our go to when at the mall.
she asked from the time she woke if we could go down to the water.
collecting his advent chocolates from the week (Freshman year is full! Finals next week.)
All is calm.


ten on ten // November 2016

on our drive to school

Christmas blend and creamer
home +tiny pumpkins on display 
brunch with my two boys home
enjoying the view
playtime for Hershey with his favorite monkey
in the kitchen 
school pick up
after school snack 
before dinner front yard football



October favorites // 2016

girlies fresh baked homemade cinnamon rolls just before she put the icing on // so good! 
Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Problems. We had our 'fair share' in October. But! Thankful for the precious friends / family / neighbors that prayed, sent texts, listened and prayed some more. 
soccer season with a tie for first place in misters division
a weekend without hubs as he traveled for work = a day to the orchard for girlie, the boys and I for fresh hot apple cider donuts, apple cider slushies and apples 
Intermediate school Grandparents Day
(I LOVE this pic!)
the end of boating season // he loves that boat and I've always called it his fifth baby. ;)
Friday night pep band came to an end +all the smiles our drummer gave us
end of a great JV football season
pumpkins +fall break for our oldest with a family kickball game and a wiffle ball tournament (we used the pumpkins as bases!)
Halloween fun //

And family dinner celebrating Nana's 64th birthday!


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