10 on 10 // August 2016

It's our final week of summer break! We are mixing a lot of fun in with our back to school shopping. Little by little we are getting it all done! 
Ten pictures from today:
bed side coffee
lego castle creating
seeing my man off to work
[me] mowing +our sweet youngest snapping a pic and bringing me an iced water 1/2 way through
bye Hershey...we are off to the pool
long locks // tiny tiny back to school trim scheduled for tomorrow 
boys say the funniest things
drum lessons
a stop at the tire barn on our way home with a nail in my tire that needed repaired so dinner out tonight 
home and evening sprinkler play time with Hershey



10 on 10 // July 2016

back deck morning coffee
Summer World Series // baseball ready 
cheering for our number 6 who just came across home plate
go wheels!
Five Guys // baseball buddy boys after game pick
home // gaming one
afternoon yardwork
pretty girls // neighbor play time
brother / sister tubing fun
thanks Papaw for a great boating evening



10 on 10 // June 2016

The tenth. And Fri-yay!!
It's summer break here, week two. The kids are fully enjoying these summer days and I am too! Today, though the eye of my camera over ten hours:
My dish collector taking them to the kitchen and his tag along.
It's our [work out!] date day!!
Strength today. Hubs did great as always, me? I was feeling it. Whoa.
Morning dishes.
Backyard turtle watching with hubs while I was heading to the store.
Lunch date, our oldest and I.
Picking out a few additions for our garden.
Gardening braid. :)
Packing up for lacrosse camp.
And finally!!! Girlie lost her last baby tooth; 11 days from her 11th birthday.



May favorites//2016

May was full! And so hard to pair down the favorites. Here we go:
Sweet girl 4th grade famous Hoosier, Mordecai  Brown
Celebrating hubs 45th
Mother's Day with our family and a long afternoon batting practice to follow with mister and his four ;) batting coaches...
Hubs, Dad, our oldest and middle son while Nana and I watched from the porch
SO handsome and so proud: celebrating the end of 8th grade and the start of High School +the middle school band concert that was outstanding (his bow tie is from our late Nana B.'s vintage collection.)
when mister got the game ball for 'his maturity' while playing
bringing home our college one for the summer +watching him start his first summer job 
recital braid/bun done by my nervous hands on the first try right before her performance and it not falling out 
thankful our oldest was home and able to go to the recital +the support from Nana and Papaw too
Oh, the last day of school
2nd, 8th and 4th 
Loved how the race officiant had us all pause and thank God for our freedom and for the beautiful weather 
our middle one getting a new lacrosse head that he saved his money for and watching him master his 'ball balancing' skills in a day or two 
And Beach time:
Do you see the tiny crab?!
our middle one and I the last ones at the beach
heading out to the high tide goodness



our week: May 21-28

The final week of school! We were so excited to be finishing up 2nd, 4th and 8th grade +our college finished his last final last Thursday! 
Miss had her recital Saturday and it was adorable!! (^dress rehearsal pic) She danced ballet, tap and jazz leaving me a bit teary. 
Celebrated hubs //45! 
4th grade mock trial with girlie doing an excellent job as the defense attorney. 
Sending a pic into Tieks of my barely three month old broken shoes (not worn every day!) They are sending a replacement / exchange.
The pool is open!!!!! (And we have a mermaid.)
When buddy boy earned the game ball 'for handling upsets in the most mature way' while playing ball. 
Lunch date with our Enumerator / first week on his summer job and doing great! (His supervisor says he's very friendly. Yes he is!)
Last day of school!!
So proud of them. 

Hold the door, say please, say thank you
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb but
Always stay humble and kind
When those dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride but
Always stay humble and kind...
-Tim McGraw


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