our week // July 17-24

Summer, we love you. It's going quick and I feel like it's even quicker this year!
Here is a peek through the eye of my cell phone what this week looked like:
--with our middle son down in the pavilion while our oldest was in the grass
•Also, by far the best Dave concert in all our years!! Set list was amazing. (Hubs and I have been going since '95.)
--cousin pool day
--yay for National Ice Cream Day!!
--I was up with the sun almost every morning this week as our middle one had 'garage band' camp from 10-12. It takes me awhile to get my morning routine done. ;) Wake, coffee, read, pin, run, shower, dishes.
--mister, mister planted this beauty from seed after his first grade field trip in May.
--and he was SO excited when it bloomed this week!
--brunch with the best of friends. Muah.
--backyard cookout fire courtesy of our middle one; batman. +all that wood?? Hubs, our oldest and I (with a bit of help from youngest three) spent Thursday/Friday cleaning out the garage!!! Hubs and I have kept SO SO much over 19 years. 
--trash! It feels so good to be sending our oldest off to college in a few weeks and finally sorting through all of hubs/I stored stuff. We are heading to the dump this morning. Whew!!

Happy Weekening, friends!



10 on 10 // July 2015

Colorado. It's gorgeous in the summer! It's our first family trip exploring this beautiful place without all the snow covered mountains +skiing our way through the days and we are loving it! 
Here is a peek at our day on this 10th capturing the beauty in our [vacation] ordinary. Enjoy:



Colorado Summer Vacation: day 1

We traveled early, early to get a non-stop flight with our family of six and arrived after most all us only had 3-4 hours of good sleep in our beds followed by 3 am wake ups with off and on airplane sleeping for a couple of hours! The guys (hubs, our oldest and our middle one) were ready for a snooze by the time we arrived in Breckenridge and our condo wasn't finished being cleaned so to the best little trail I went with the youngest two as the three super tired ones slept soundly (ha.) in the nearby car.
While we hiked (I set my timer for an hour 1/2 to give the guys a pretty good rest.) girlie took over the camera capturing every mountainside flower shot she could. My mister and I hiked happily with him declaring about a fourth of the way, "I've never hiked anything like this! I love it!!" I loved it too. And the smell of all the mountain pines was wonderful.

A huge boulder with stacked rocks atop. Perfect photo spot thought camera girl. :))
Sweet adventurers.
Mister worked up quite an appetite and the car full of sleeping guys did too. So we went to a yummy little cafe on main street while we continued to wait for the text that the condo was ready. Mister fell sound asleep before his food was even ready.



our week // June 2015

Our week through the eye of my cell phone:

Passing through our old neighborhood on the way home from camp pick up for our middle son. I miss that house/neighbors/memories.
Afternoon {pre-pool} latte pick me up.
Hibachi lunch for this good report card crew.
Evening bike ride with these two favorites.
Spectacular morning happy place (rainbow) view.
Planting his sunflower that he grew from seed.
Laps. Morning after a big swim meet. 
Gorgeous girl // Gorgeous sunset
Biking with my birthday boy; "you know what I like about biking in the country, mom?? You don't see many cars."
Sisters flower garden beauty. 
Evening at the movies: Hubs, our oldest and middle saw Jurassic World; our youngest two and I saw Inside Out.

Happy weekending!


ten on ten // June 2015

It's that time again; the tenth of the month and a time to capture beauty in our ordinary through ten snapshots.
Our oldest was at a friends, our middle is off to camp this week, so that left me with the two youngest while hubs was working.
Morning. Swim team in five.
1 mile behind her.
Gorgeous blue sky day: I'm heading for a run.
Mexican Chicken and Rice Soup 
(using leftovers)
Pool afternoon with this crew: we invited our neighbor + a friend from swim team.
First jump after the lifeguard blows the whistle.
Fresh picked tomato for our dinner.
Back porch sitting.

The true way to live, is to enjoy every moment as it passes, and surely it is in the every day things around us that the beauty of life lies. 
-Laura Ingalls Wilder



our week

Here's a little peek back at our week through my cell phone:
Senior Parade. It's a long standing tradition for the seniors to have a parade through the school parking lot while the students, (k-11) staff, administration and parents line the sidewalk to watch. Our senior (in the pink shorts) had a pong-pong float.
Running through the sprinklers!! We are getting closer to summer-like temperatures!
Catching minnows. Patience and timing is everything. 
Cleaning hubs fathers grave and leaving flowers. 
The pool is open. (Brother off the board while sister practices her backstroke start.)
5 nights straight: grilling for dinner. Yummy.
After dinner bike rides to visit Bo.
Last before school morning hug for Daddy from our first grader.
Front row, center. Our High School graduate. 
While middle brother is spending his end of the school year great report card cash sister and brother play some beats. (The salesclerk asked if we had three drummers in the family.:))

A fun filled week! It started with a three day weekend while ending with the last day of school for our youngest three and graduation for our oldest. Whew! I'm still letting it all soak in...
We are looking forward to making summer memories.

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