10 on 10 // June 2016

The tenth. And Fri-yay!!
It's summer break here, week two. The kids are fully enjoying these summer days and I am too! Today, though the eye of my camera over ten hours:
My dish collector taking them to the kitchen and his tag along.
It's our [work out!] date day!!
Strength today. Hubs did great as always, me? I was feeling it. Whoa.
Morning dishes.
Backyard turtle watching with hubs while I was heading to the store.
Lunch date, our oldest and I.
Picking out a few additions for our garden.
Gardening braid. :)
Packing up for lacrosse camp.
And finally!!! Girlie lost her last baby tooth; 11 days from her 11th birthday.



May favorites//2016

May was full! And so hard to pair down the favorites. Here we go:
Sweet girl 4th grade famous Hoosier, Mordecai  Brown
Celebrating hubs 45th
Mother's Day with our family and a long afternoon batting practice to follow with mister and his four ;) batting coaches...
Hubs, Dad, our oldest and middle son while Nana and I watched from the porch
SO handsome and so proud: celebrating the end of 8th grade and the start of High School +the middle school band concert that was outstanding (his bow tie is from our late Nana B.'s vintage collection.)
when mister got the game ball for 'his maturity' while playing
bringing home our college one for the summer +watching him start his first summer job 
recital braid/bun done by my nervous hands on the first try right before her performance and it not falling out 
thankful our oldest was home and able to go to the recital +the support from Nana and Papaw too
Oh, the last day of school
2nd, 8th and 4th 
Loved how the race officiant had us all pause and thank God for our freedom and for the beautiful weather 
our middle one getting a new lacrosse head that he saved his money for and watching him master his 'ball balancing' skills in a day or two 
And Beach time:
Do you see the tiny crab?!
our middle one and I the last ones at the beach
heading out to the high tide goodness



our week: May 21-28

The final week of school! We were so excited to be finishing up 2nd, 4th and 8th grade +our college finished his last final last Thursday! 
Miss had her recital Saturday and it was adorable!! (^dress rehearsal pic) She danced ballet, tap and jazz leaving me a bit teary. 
Celebrated hubs //45! 
4th grade mock trial with girlie doing an excellent job as the defense attorney. 
Sending a pic into Tieks of my barely three month old broken shoes (not worn every day!) They are sending a replacement / exchange.
The pool is open!!!!! (And we have a mermaid.)
When buddy boy earned the game ball 'for handling upsets in the most mature way' while playing ball. 
Lunch date with our Enumerator / first week on his summer job and doing great! (His supervisor says he's very friendly. Yes he is!)
Last day of school!!
So proud of them. 

Hold the door, say please, say thank you
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb but
Always stay humble and kind
When those dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride but
Always stay humble and kind...
-Tim McGraw



ten on ten // May 2016

When it rains it pours. Yesterday we finished a jury trial that my man spent last week testifying on behalf of the victim and as we found out the outcome yesterday afternoon it wasn't what we were hoping for...then a few hours later we got the dreaded phone call from our college one that he'd crashed his car. He's ok. Thankfully. His car is not but no other cars were involved. Whew. So now today: ten on ten. Looking at the beauty in our ordinary feels all the more special. 
first one ready, always (finishing this school year strong!)
our lilacs are in bloom and smell so good (back from morning school drop off)
morning routine in the kitchen (unload/load dishwasher)
on the table (sorting mail)
mid day pickup for our middle school sweetie (ortho appt.)
Five Guys! (his pick)
errands +pretty spring buds (paying parking tickets)
after school play time (Hershey's camera shy)
my man back from a fast 5k run (I'm jealous)
tired one on the way to middle school lacrosse pick up / band concert drop off
(LOVED the middle school spring concert +our drummer boy!)

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in The Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.



April favorites // 2016

Orlando Spring Break doing new parks and old +family time in the sunshine state
Longer evenings and walking home from Mexican
A friendly 5k competition with plans for a rematch sooner than later
Staying up late watching home movies hubs and our middle son found from when the kids were little and belly laughing SO much
Watching the middle school lacrosse team improve so much this season +cheering for our guy scoring three goals two games in a row now (four games total!)



our week: April 17-24, 2016

Sending our college one back to school with a bucket full of clean laundry, chocolate chip cookies from Nana and a belly full of home cooked meals. Miss him. 3 weeks until summer break.
I'm so close to feeling recovered (ha!) from Spring Break at Disney. It was our first time to do a week in Orlando over spring break and I really think our last as we learned we really need a more relaxing spring break vacation!! The days after coming home are full force with patients for hubs, spring sports and all the end of the year school programs.
Girlie sorting through clean but not folded yet laundry and pausing to watch the sunrise. 
Jog-a-Thon this week at school and a surprise day off for hubs. He made it to girlies jog a thon as our second graders was right after drop off. Unfortunately, it was inside the gym this year (we usually go out on the track) as it was raining all day long! We were triple (really quadruple) booked that evening: lacrosse game on the west side, baseball practice and dance on the far north side with girlie needing to be back at school in the middle of all that for a 4th grade lock in! Whew. The lacrosse game was rained out as well as baseball practice. Somehow it always all works out. 
A three day weekend!!! We ALL needed this. The kids slept in on Friday while hubs and I did an early morning Orange Theory class. Then Saturday we all slept in with an afternoon lacrosse practice for our middle one and a baseball game that eve for our youngest. (His first!) We spent time in between at home biking to see the neighbor horse Bo with a tad of yard work throughout the weekend too.

Happy Monday!

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