ten on ten // November 2016

on our drive to school

Christmas blend and creamer
home +tiny pumpkins on display 
brunch with my two boys home
enjoying the view
playtime for Hershey with his favorite monkey
in the kitchen 
school pick up
after school snack 
before dinner front yard football



October favorites // 2016

girlies fresh baked homemade cinnamon rolls just before she put the icing on // so good! 
Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Problems. We had our 'fair share' in October. But! Thankful for the precious friends / family / neighbors that prayed, sent texts, listened and prayed some more. 
soccer season with a tie for first place in misters division
a weekend without hubs as he traveled for work = a day to the orchard for girlie, the boys and I for fresh hot apple cider donuts, apple cider slushies and apples 
Intermediate school Grandparents Day
(I LOVE this pic!)
the end of boating season // he loves that boat and I've always called it his fifth baby. ;)
Friday night pep band came to an end +all the smiles our drummer gave us
end of a great JV football season
pumpkins +fall break for our oldest with a family kickball game and a wiffle ball tournament (we used the pumpkins as bases!)
Halloween fun //

And family dinner celebrating Nana's 64th birthday!



Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! It's a full Monday night here: girlie is off to hip hop dance in her minion costume class for an hour while hubs is dropping off our high schooler for an all evening pit orchestra / play practice. Our youngest can hardly wait for sister to get home so the neighborhood trick or treating can begin!!
to dance class
mom! why did you do that?!? girlie giggles 
gorgeous night and reminiscing much colder and or stormy Halloweens in years past
our football player // he found his oldest brothers pads from his fifth grade year of football and loves that they fit him
to Nana and Papaw's house we go 
(they had asked to trick or treat the neighborhood alone this year! I'm not ready for that.)
ringing the bell while brother asks sister, "do we have to say trick or treat?!" She giggled and replied, "yes!"
buckets full // about 95 percent chocolate 
sorting and sampling 

1000 grand // he'd never had one and liked it best
family 2016
just before I put the sweeties to bed
(I was asleep by 9:30! Whew. Thankful hubs did the 10:00 pick up from band practice.)



September favorites // 2016

creek kayaking with girlie +starting her dance classes that she's very much looked forward to
wiener roast, s'mores and fun with friends
time with GiGi and our oldest home from college for the weekend
DePauw football weekends, tailgating, family dinners and a fun night at our sons house for the second annual family weekend cookout/auction
And gold shoelaces bringing awareness to childhood cancer
Homecoming 2016, lip sync competition, our pep band drummer +a little over a week later braces off for our Freshman!!!
taking in God's beauty!
warm enough days for the pool +a party with friends before homecoming
celebrating 20 years!


ten on ten // September 2016

Today. Over tenish hours-
coffee and a thunderstorm
reading aloud the morning news
Mac-n-Cheese for breakfast while I make a quadruple batch for tailgating
mums on our front porch / heading out
tubing friends while the rest of us are off to oldest brothers football game
Tiger football and a win!!
post game smiles oldest/youngest
home / dinner for Hersh
front yard play
until the sun goes down 

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