ten on ten // March 2017

gorgeousness out my bedroom window and a day home during sunrise as our middle son doesn't have before school jazz band today
celery, carrots, fenugreek sprouts, blueberries, raspberries, spinach and coconut milk...continuing the healthy new year green drink routine as hubs (the usual maker of our drinks) is out of town
morning school drop off // do you have everything and have a good day + the love you's
sick one home; day three // hungry. yay! for a grilled cheese
spring cleaning galore over here; today? the shoe closet!
Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan // a book that was lost but now has been found that I've loved reading to each of my kids! It's one I practically have memorized and I think it was a kids meal book if I remember right.
quick lunch then back to work
emails and planning and paper work while mister plays behind me
all the after school and so was dabbing and accidentally hit so and so in the nose causing it to bleed and can you believe he had never had a bloody nose before and didn't really know what to do?!
home and lax in the front yard until the sun went down for our middle one



ten on ten // January 2017

Happy New Year! Today was a big day; the first day after returning to school after Christmas break that all the children made it to school. We've started this New Year as a bunch of sickies over here. So far it has gone through the entire family minus our oldest and I. Praying we aren't going to get it!
Today, the beauty in our ordinary though ten photos:

to the car; 5 min behind and a bit of coffee to finish on the drive
after jazz band drop off for our High Schooler and before school drop off for our youngest two
apple cinnamon bagel with plain cream cheese toasted as promised
home // Hershey love (I want another dog.)
what I'm reading
the dreary day view as I go room to room putting laundry away
in the great room (all the laundry is put away. whew. I was way behind.)
hubs and our oldest giving opinions (can't say that I disagree and personally I believe anything you set your mind to, through hard work and determination, is an art...including football. hello.)
delicious dinner; carry out
the loud ping pong view from where I sit 



2016 //

Looking back.
It will be the year we look back on and hopefully remember this: "Prayer is the best thing you can do," as stated by our 9 year old mid year. Yes!

The memories in picture form//

Presidents Weekend Vail Family Trip
Wednesday Lunch Date while court was on break for a trial hubs was an expert witness in~
Oh, Hilton Head. Memorial Weekend //
Our creek spot. It's at its most beautiful in the summer months.
Lights over Morse // Fourth of July firework watching from Papaw's boat.
Tubing and lots of laughter; our middle two.
Flowers just because from my sweets.
First year for baseball for our mister and he rocked it! From rec league to travel team...a surprise for us all that he'd do so so well.
Pretty 5th grade bug collecting girl down by the water.
 5th grade Grandparent's Day
 Dave Matthews
 Back to college for our oldest; sophomore year and studying economics.
 Lunch with GiGi
 happy 20th anniversary to us
 Brought back to bell; such an exciting Monon Bell win!!
Spring Break in Disney (so fun! so exhausting.)


Christmas 2016

The Christmas 
Here's how I look at it; you get a week to be nervous about what you're gonna get and a week to play with what you get. -mister, 9
Maybe our next world champion table tennis player. Time will tell. 😘
Three of her favorite gifts all in one pic: color changing nail polish from Nana, a creation from her 3doodler pen and a necklace from "that really special jewelry shop that packages all their stuff in blue?!?And I'm never taking it off!"

You know what we forgot to do?? (Mister said to me about mid morning.) Read the Bible story...that's the most important part of Christmas. 
So we read it sitting around the tree before bed.
Merry, merry

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