ten on ten :: February 2015

first one to breakfast
run with a view
happy mail

orthodontist appointment
car lunch date with my boy: his pick

returning to school (buddy has a test)
came for cane sugar but couldn't pass up those beauties

our littlest minion: after school pick up
carwash silly faces
picking our [amazing☺️] drummer boy up from lessons
project girlie: two nights in a row (it's due tomorrow!)

Happy tenth: capturing ten photos over ten hours finding beauty in the ordinary. (a link up)



ten on ten :: January 2015

Today is the tenth! Time to capture beauty in the ordinary with ten photos over ten hours.
This was our first day for everyone to stay home all day since Christmas day. It was so nice to have a slow pace. Enjoy.

a link up

 2 medium coffees in my cup
 tea and toast for brother/sister
 figuring out his new helicopter with Daddy
changing out the Christmas pillows
 lunch : beef and veggie stir fry, rice and salad with ginger dressing
Hey there! :)
backyard racing brothers
frozen creek exploring
 beauty at dusk
my hungry men home from working out

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until
it becomes a memory.
--Dr. Seuss



ten on ten :: December 2014

Ten photos over ten hours today (the tenth) capturing beauty in the ordinary:
All is Calm...
 merry and bright
 late drop off
 Christmas cheer while folding laundry. :) 
(catching up from having had a broken dryer last week.)
Coffee break. Always coffee.
"I made surprises for you today in class. Five of them...for Christmas!!"
Tic-Tac-Toe while waiting on after school steak-n-shake snack.
home sweet home
 straight to homework
 what's for dinner :: comfort food

Happy tenth. December is going quick! The kids are counting down the days
and getting SO excited for Christmas.
Our day today was a normal school day with
all but one making it out the door on time...
our middle schooler needed a bit more time!
Lot's of extra laundry for me in between the school drop off/pick up.
Finishing our day with a promised play date for our two littlest
ones at the next door neighbors while our oldest two have homework.

Hope you had a good tenth
and a Merry Christmas.



November :: 2014 :: ten on ten

 Today capturing the beauty in the ordinary (a link up) with ten photos over ten hours...

morning dog, Hershey, cozy on the floor
(it's cold outside!)
 drinking hubs left overs
 it's sheet changing day!
sweet blue eyed girl, with a miserable cold, hardly slept last night 
heading to get the school kids
(minus our oldest who is taking himself to physical therapy)
 after school gaming
 homework girl and ipad boy
 (then outside playtime before the sun goes down!)
crutch fixing
sunset tree climbing
 bringing the kids in for dinner + a neighbor friend joining us (fun!)

Happy tenth of November.

Monday is cleaning day around here.
 It was a bit slow going
today as girlie was up for a good
portion of the night sleeping off and on by my side
with a miserable cold.
By mid afternoon, after resting most of the morning, she 
was good to go! 
We were especially excited to have some nicer
after school weather to play outside 
especially as the colder weather will be here by the
end of the week.

Hope you had a nice tenth!


ten on ten :: September 2014

ten photo's over ten hours capturing today's beauty:

 morning sky
 coffee and a cookbook
 peanut butter toast (not cut in half!) loving girl 
pausing and answering text(s) 
grocery store prep
 after school Children's Museum while brothers are at practices
post soccer pick up (he got braces a few weeks ago!)
 carrying in (dry goods) groceries
brother earned a new lego set
and what's for dinner; Amish casserole and tater tots

Happy tenth of September.
Today started for me with a repair man ringing my doorbell at 7 a.m. while I 
was working on getting the boys out the door for school. 
I had completely forgotten he had moved his appointment from Friday to today 
yesterday afternoon...
It was a quiet rainy morning for girlie and I as she worked
on her school and I taught a bit mixed in with making
a much needed grocery list.
Then we surprised brother picking him
 up a bit early from school 
to take a little field trip to the Children's Museum.
While we were there I got the panic
phone call from our middle one as school had just 
let out and he realized his soccer bag was left in the car!
I told him I'd text his brother while he should go wait by the car for
five minutes. After five minutes if his brother didn't show he needed to wear 
his P.E. uniform and head to practice. It all worked out in the end as 
it nearly always does. :)


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