our week // June 2015

Our week through the eye of my cell phone:

Passing through our old neighborhood on the way home from camp pick up for our middle son. I miss that house/neighbors/memories.
Afternoon {pre-pool} latte pick me up.
Hibachi lunch for this good report card crew.
Evening bike ride with these two favorites.
Spectacular morning happy place (rainbow) view.
Planting his sunflower that he grew from seed.
Laps. Morning after a big swim meet. 
Gorgeous girl // Gorgeous sunset
Biking with my birthday boy; "you know what I like about biking in the country, mom?? You don't see many cars."
Sisters flower garden beauty. 
Evening at the movies: Hubs, our oldest and middle saw Jurassic World; our youngest two and I saw Inside Out.

Happy weekending!


ten on ten // June 2015

It's that time again; the tenth of the month and a time to capture beauty in our ordinary through ten snapshots.
Our oldest was at a friends, our middle is off to camp this week, so that left me with the two youngest while hubs was working.
Morning. Swim team in five.
1 mile behind her.
Gorgeous blue sky day: I'm heading for a run.
Mexican Chicken and Rice Soup 
(using leftovers)
Pool afternoon with this crew: we invited our neighbor + a friend from swim team.
First jump after the lifeguard blows the whistle.
Fresh picked tomato for our dinner.
Back porch sitting.

The true way to live, is to enjoy every moment as it passes, and surely it is in the every day things around us that the beauty of life lies. 
-Laura Ingalls Wilder



our week

Here's a little peek back at our week through my cell phone:
Senior Parade. It's a long standing tradition for the seniors to have a parade through the school parking lot while the students, (k-11) staff, administration and parents line the sidewalk to watch. Our senior (in the pink shorts) had a pong-pong float.
Running through the sprinklers!! We are getting closer to summer-like temperatures!
Catching minnows. Patience and timing is everything. 
Cleaning hubs fathers grave and leaving flowers. 
The pool is open. (Brother off the board while sister practices her backstroke start.)
5 nights straight: grilling for dinner. Yummy.
After dinner bike rides to visit Bo.
Last before school morning hug for Daddy from our first grader.
Front row, center. Our High School graduate. 
While middle brother is spending his end of the school year great report card cash sister and brother play some beats. (The salesclerk asked if we had three drummers in the family.:))

A fun filled week! It started with a three day weekend while ending with the last day of school for our youngest three and graduation for our oldest. Whew! I'm still letting it all soak in...
We are looking forward to making summer memories.



Happily Ever Morris: Wedding

Dreams are the beginnings of realities. 

Indy to Vegas for a layover, a cancelled flight and then FINALLY a connecting.
Waking to gorgeous California.
Chicken Enchillada Omelet, yes!
On our way, hubs and I, to the mountain wedding. 
at this point i'm beyond excited!!
Blue sky day.
The ceremony setting. Just gorgeous.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris, first dance.
Side yard view beside the coffee bar/dinner line.
Mother of the groom, Cindy.
Cindy, Mother of the groom, and I. Such a beautiful 'IG love story' that brought us together.
Fairy tale outdoor wedding...

A few years ago I made a blog friend, Cindy. I admired her parenting and joy for life. We connected each week for awhile through a fun blog link up called 'instafriday.' Then IG became popular and we followed each other. 

Shortly after I started IG I had another blog friend, Erin, start to follow me. I had admired her and her blog as she blogged about life (from a Christian perspective) as a twenty something and followed her too. About a year or so later Cindy posted musical YouTube links on IG of her son Daniel. I remember sitting on the couch in our great room watching the videos when I had the thought Daniel and Erin would be a perfect match. I prayed about it and waited for just the right time to say something. Fast forward a couple months to December 2013. I was packing to head on a family ski trip. I scrolled through Instagram and saw my friend Cindy had posted a pic of three of her sons with a caption saying something to the effect of, these three are heading to ice skate...if they come home single...I thought, now is the time to say something! So on a comment in Cindy's feed I tagged Erin saying I'd been wanting to mention to her Daniel was available...then I waited. We headed out on our family travels to CO. Cindy direct messaged me: who is this gal?? Your neice?? She's a knock out. And a beauty inside/out. I responded how I 'knew' her through blogging and so forth and that I would direct message Erin to see what she thought. And really I wanted to reiterate I wasn't teasing and or being flippant when I made that suggestion. Erin responded and the rest is history.�� Today they became Mr. and Mrs. Morris. It's a dream come true for each of them and we are so happy for them. 


(a link to Erin's blog telling how they met: here)
(a link to Erin's blog telling about their engagement: here)


10 on 10 :: May 2015

How fun that my favorite monthly photo day also falls on Mother's Day! So ten photos over ten(ish) hours capturing the beauty in our ordinary:
The golden hour with my baby; the first one up!
The perfect spot (the door to my coffee mugs) for my magnet flower gift from the mister. (He was SO proud!)
Love notes and hugs.
We have a snoozer on my right, a fidgeter on my left, a teen that takes the prize for most well behaved, and hubs. (Our oldest wasn't feeling well this morning and missed services.)
A Happy Mothers Day surprise we put on Nana's front porch. (Sweetest watering can of planted flowers that she wanted.)
Late country club buffet lunch with Nana/Mom. Everything she does is beautiful.
After lunch feeding the swans. (Ice chips.)
Back porch shenanigans.
All I wanted was a day of kindness towards all from my family (they only had to be reminded a couple of times;)) and  time to finish planting my flowers.
Before dinner lego assembly. 

What a nice day. Hope you all enjoyed this Mother's Day.


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