January 15-22

//our week through my cell phone pictures
Thursday mid day we flew to Colorado. We were eager to get up and get on the slopes Friday. We skied all day together as a family. Mister was SO tired he slept for three hours when we got back to the condo at four. I really thought he was out for the night!! He woke and ate dinner then back to bed for another 12. 
Saturday hubs and I went out early to explore the trails while we let the kids rest until about 11. We ate beef stew together in the condo that I had simmering all morning, then out to show the kids the good powder on the slopes!
Mister following sister to the trees. A little story about the trees:
♡mister had a pretty good fall loosing a ski while in the trees. The worst of it was sister didn't realize and kept going. He had a really hard time getting his ski back on all the while we couldn't see him or hear him to know if he was ok. I was just about to take my skis off and hike up the mountain when a ski instructor stopped where we *thought* mister was. He talked to someone for a few then skied down to us to ask if that was our son. Yes! Is he ok?!?! I answered. Yeah, he's just having a hard time getting his ski back on. Thankfully. But when buddy boy caught back up to us, I declared no more trees today, his legs were exhausted. He quickly replied, I know. One of the biggest parts of skiing is knowing your limits. ♡
Sunday. We knew we were going to have great snow!! What we weren't expecting were long long long lift lines everywhere we turned. We think everyone from Colorado came to Vail to ski the powder.
By 2 in the afternoon my legs and the two littles legs were tired. So to the pool we went and miss swam while mister and I watched the football game. 
After the guys came in, hubs and I went on a dinner date, passing by the pretty ice rink on our way, [Montauk Seafood Grill, yum!] while the kids stayed in the condo eating.
Monday. Home we go. What a beautiful view, above the clouds beside my mister. 
Tuesday. Home and back to routines. After school snack with the school kiddos: Steak-n-Shake.
Gorgeous sunrise Wednesday and a day to finally put away the basement tree. Whew. +a two hour delay. SO good for my sleepy heads!!
I almost always want to move furniture in January as the house feels so different after putting all the Christmas away. I'm loving this arrangement minus one sofa. Now to talk my man into moving that extra sofa to the basement. ;)
Friday. A day home for sister who wasn't feeling up to going to school. I finished up the ski laundry all morning then we spent the afternoon with Nana. After some time with Nana and I she was much better.

Happy Weekending!


Vail // 2016

Instead of traveling over the Christmas break as everyone wanted to stay home this year we booked a long weekend trip to ski this time and we all loved it! It was just the right amount of time for skiing. And the snow this trip?? Outstanding.
  We've never ever ever skied anything like this trip. Not even all the snow we thought we pushed through last Park City/Breckenridge trip last Christmas break compared. Crazy, good, tiring, maybe a little scary at times and epic skiing.
Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit. 
-Henry David Thoreau

The [iphone] pics:



ten on ten // January 2016

Capturing the beauty in our ordinary over ten hours on the tenth:

Happy Tenth! Last night, sister made hot cross buns and I put an overnight french toast casserole (recipe/here) in the fridge as we knew we were probably going to have a stay at home snow day. We were happy to wake to swirling flakes and had brunch with Billy Graham: Choices on YouTube in place of Sunday Services. The kids were happy with the snow however, by mid morning mister was a bit sad as the grass wasn't covered enough for sledding and it didn't look like it was going to snow enough for that snow loving boy...
Sister took some hot cross buns to Nana and Papaw's and stayed the entire day as the guys at home played games and watched football. I had a kitchen prep day. I started this last Sunday where I get everything chopped/cooked and ready for the week for dinner. It really does help with our evenings. 
The kids are hoping no school tomorrow?!? 



our week: Jan. 2-8

//through the eye of my cell phone
Last before bed time reading by the tree.
A surprise dusting of snow and a surprise sweetheart drawn outside my garage door by girlie. 
Ten minutes of reading aloud followed by ten min of before bed exercises: Pilates moves I taught him. ;) We've made this our new bedtime routine.
Five Guys Lunch date! (And a text form out oldest as we ate that he made it back to school.)
Beautiful January sunrise running views from the treadmill. (At the club; IG edit.)
Yay! New bedding in our master. I love it.
Date day: breakfast at our favorite; Cafe Patachou! Then shopping for flooring!! Followed by late afternoon sushi before school pick up. We were hoping for a movie too but the floor shopping took up all our time. After six weeks of having our basement floors down to concrete I can finally say we've made a hardwood flooring decision. Whew. 
Forever curious girl knocking on the concrete wall to see if it's hollow. IG edit too. 

Happy weekending!!



Happy New Year // 2016

Such a good year, 2015! One last look:
Family ski trip: Breck.
Nana B's funeral. "Heaven is perfect," mister Nicholas.
Disneyworld for our oldest ones 18th!
Spring Break: Captiva.
Our 2015 grad. We are so proud!
Disneyland, just the two of us, on hubs birthday.
Family summer vacation: Breckenridge, Colorado. So enjoyed hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking the mountains we love to ski.

Boating days. ♡
Hilton Head Beach Vacation
Cheering for our favorite college outside linebacker, number 52, filled up all our fall weekends. 

Fall Break fun: K1 Speed indoor go-carting.

Christmas Eve, sweeties!

Here's to 2016. Happy New Year!!


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