our week

A peek at our week through the eye of my cell phone:
Friday: our magnolia in bloom
Saturday: seconds before girlie spied a snake
Sunday: ice cream/fried pickles for these sweeties
Monday: our middle son's requested after school snack; homemade chocolate chip cookies
Tuesday: a surprise afternoon off for my man; we met at Bob Evans for lunch
Wednesday: the drawings (by hubs dad from his college art major days) I took to be framed and picking a new rug for the great room
Thursday: nice work on my after school library study buddies spelling test
Thursday: it's lacrosse season for our middle school one; hubs/our oldest are assistant coaching. That's our guy in the middle (black jersey/white helmet) pushing back the defender
Friday: first one up (early!) to work on her newest lego set
Friday: foggy morn and kids off to school on's been a long week!



10 on 10 :: April 2015

It's the tenth! (Spring ten on ten always seems to sneak up on me!) Here is a look at ten photos over ten (minus the hour hubs and I were in the movie) hours today capturing the beauty in our ordinary. Happy Friday!!
(a link up)

-third cup 
--studying senior (29 school days left!) + breakfast 
--best one
--turkey melt for me
--after school elementary pick up
--it's Friday, "it's a happy day!"
--after school kite flying
--water colors for girlie while I cooked
--it's pizza and pasta night
--home from middle school lacrosse (and hungry!! He called on the way and requested deviled eggs.)

Have a good weekend!


Today we celebrated our oldest turning 18 at Disney's Hollywood Studios. We enjoyed all things Disney and were thankful Nana and Papaw could join us too. 18 photos for an 18th birthday celebration:



Ten on Ten :: March 2015

Happy tenth! Time to look at ten photos taken over ten hours capturing the beauty in our ordinary.

{a link up}

first one ready to head to the car
rain dog, Hershey
easy [long] run today; changing up my playlist
post run [foggy day] view
green peppermint tea with a splash of coconut milk :: a favorite of mine
my man :: pasta and emails
"Momma, can I have a rat??"
middle school audition sign ups
panda for dinner :: the boys choice
gas station waiting

Hope you had a good tenth.
We had a foggy rainy day all day.
That will make us appreciate our blue sky days even more, right??


ten on ten :: February 2015

first one to breakfast
run with a view
happy mail

orthodontist appointment
car lunch date with my boy: his pick

returning to school (buddy has a test)
came for cane sugar but couldn't pass up those beauties

our littlest minion: after school pick up
carwash silly faces
picking our [amazing☺️] drummer boy up from lessons
project girlie: two nights in a row (it's due tomorrow!)

Happy tenth: capturing ten photos over ten hours finding beauty in the ordinary. (a link up)

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