10 on 10 :: July 2014

Happy Friday! Yesterday was ten on ten; ten photos over ten hours capturing the beauty in the ordinary. Hubs and I were to fly out for a long weekend trip to NYC for a little bit of adventure mixed in with hubs attending a sinus conference today and tomorrow to get his CME credits for this year...
Our day:

 self timer airport photo 
 flight delay airport brunch
 (au bon pain, coffee, water and chocolate covered almonds)
 connecting flight, Chicago
 grounded for a bit while we wait for the traffic to clear
 heart clouds
 window seat 
 yum! (they seated us under Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas pics)
 kind gentleman taking our photo as he saw me lining the camera up for a self timer shot
Aladdin was fantastic! Hubs says he thinks it's his favorite ever. 
I'm saying it is a very close second to Lion King.



ten on ten :: May 2014

It's the tenth of the month; time to get ten photos over ten hours to capture today's beauty...

{coffee with hubs and a few honking geese over the water as we're on the back porch}

 {an early riser snuggled in my bed first thing to play a racing game on my phone}

 {view while I let Hershey out for the morning}

{oldest/youngest conversation as oldest cooks eggs for [mid morning] breakfast}

{daddy's car wash helper}

 {heading out to girlies softball team pics wishing our oldest a good [lacrosse] game today}

{practicing her pose}

 {waiting in the car while girlie quickly changes at home into her clothes for brothers game}

 {sister helping [injured] brother out by grabbing his stick}

{Hoosier Rolls for dinner at our favorite little sushi spot}

Happy tenth! Hope you had a nice one.
 And have a Happy Mother's Day.



ten on ten :: April 2014

I can't believe it's April. Although it doesn't really look like spring, spring is here!! We enjoyed a warmer day outside and had a first with two lacrosse games on two different sides of town for our two oldest boys. I dropped our middle son off at his game watching a tiny bit of it before I headed on to our oldest sons game. Then it was home for quick showers and bed time. Really looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend. (it's a three day weekend for our kindergarten mister!)

Ten on ten. Capturing today's beauty over ten hours through the lens of my camera. (sometimes Iphone.) Enjoy...
{a link up}



ten on ten :: March 2014

It's the tenth. Time to capture beauty through my lens as we go about our day...
We've been sick here. Lot's of laundry today and some good food to help get our middle son back to school soon as they are testing this week. Hopefully he's the last one to have this.
Hope you enjoyed your tenth. :))
(a link up)
{morning sun bokeh}
 {drip coffee}
 {Hershey love}
{first sign of spring; the geese}
 {kindergarten pick up drive}
 {after school robe and finger weaving}
{set the table}
 {comfort food}
{waiting on our oldest to get home}



ten on ten :: February 2014

Looking through the eye of my lens to see the beauty captured throughout this day; ten photos over ten hours. 
It's another cold cold day with a lot of snow. With the exception of girlie who is home recovering from a (sinus) sickness the kids have an unusual full day of school (they've been having two hour delays and/or closures off and on for the past 5 weeks now.)
Despite all the snow we are looking forward to a four day weekend mid winter ski trip coming this Friday. However, spring can't come quick enough. ;)
The beauty ::

 {morning coffee with a view}
 {farewell from Hersh to hubs}
 {housewarming cinnamon coffee cake muffins for a friend}
 {kindergarten pick up with lots of stories to tell}
 {home sweet home}
 {kids have turned the kayak into a sled this season}
 {backyard fun; all smiles and feeling lots better}
 {at our small town cafe for dinner}
{crossing the bridge toward home; snowmobile tracks}
 {pink sunset}


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