September favorites // 2016

creek kayaking with girlie +starting her dance classes that she's very much looked forward to
wiener roast, s'mores and fun with friends
time with GiGi and our oldest home from college for the weekend
DePauw football weekends, tailgating, family dinners and a fun night at our sons house for the second annual family weekend cookout/auction
And gold shoelaces bringing awareness to childhood cancer
Homecoming 2016, lip sync competition, our pep band drummer +a little over a week later braces off for our Freshman!!!
taking in God's beauty!
warm enough days for the pool +a party with friends before homecoming
celebrating 20 years!


ten on ten // September 2016

Today. Over tenish hours-
coffee and a thunderstorm
reading aloud the morning news
Mac-n-Cheese for breakfast while I make a quadruple batch for tailgating
mums on our front porch / heading out
tubing friends while the rest of us are off to oldest brothers football game
Tiger football and a win!!
post game smiles oldest/youngest
home / dinner for Hersh
front yard play
until the sun goes down 


August favorites // 2016

August. The favorites:
post Freshman Orientation cupcake stop
yay! Kings Island day trip
K1 speed family time followed by a hibachi lunch 
final pool days
college drop off // sophomore year
our Black-eyed Susans fully in bloom
football season is here // football cuties
biking to the library with mom (Nana)
first day of school sweeties // 5th, 3rd and Freshman
sweet momma friends // lunch date
listening to our oldest drum with praise band in chapel (^two rained out pep band nights though; hope September games are better!!)

August. It came and went SO quick and I promise as the kids grow older it goes even quicker! Part of that is because the activities increase. Right now we have our college one in football with weekend games to watch, the youngest in rec soccer, (two nights a week practice with one weekend game) our middle son drumming as often as he can: weekly lessons, before school jazz band every day, Friday night pep band and fitting a lacrosse lesson in around all that. Theb girlie. She is [mostly] patiently waiting to start her after school dance classes; ballet, tap, jazz +hip hop. Whew. We always figure it all out. A lot of times though it's down to the hour as I wait to see if hubs will get done seeing patients 'on time' so he can help or if instead there might be an emergency he will have to take care of. Nana to the rescue, thankfully, most often then. 



10 on 10 // August 2016

It's our final week of summer break! We are mixing a lot of fun in with our back to school shopping. Little by little we are getting it all done! 
Ten pictures from today:
bed side coffee
lego castle creating
seeing my man off to work
[me] mowing +our sweet youngest snapping a pic and bringing me an iced water 1/2 way through
bye Hershey...we are off to the pool
long locks // tiny tiny back to school trim scheduled for tomorrow 
boys say the funniest things
drum lessons
a stop at the tire barn on our way home with a nail in my tire that needed repaired so dinner out tonight 
home and evening sprinkler play time with Hershey



10 on 10 // July 2016

back deck morning coffee
Summer World Series // baseball ready 
cheering for our number 6 who just came across home plate
go wheels!
Five Guys // baseball buddy boys after game pick
home // gaming one
afternoon yardwork
pretty girls // neighbor play time
brother / sister tubing fun
thanks Papaw for a great boating evening

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